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Anhui Excellent Machinery Equipment CO.,LTD

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Anhui Excellent Machinery Equipment CO.,LTD  is professional development, production of industrial laser cutting, high-tech enterprises bending machines equipment. After several years of development and laser technology innovation, production base is located is known as "China's first town edge molding machine," said bowang district - Bowang Equipment Industrial Park. Exxon mechanical shearing bending follow the international forefront of laser technology, and cooperation with Germany, Russia, the United States and other world-renowned experts, and strive to build the concept of the global level of the device.
Exxon Anhui Machinery Co., Ltd. The main products are: medium power fiber laser cutting machine (300-2000W),large format inkjet printer, low-power CO2 laser cutting machine (<300W) and large-scale hydraulic bending machines and shears. Exxon has long been used in machinery and equipment: electric power, automobile manufacturing, machinery and equipment, electrical equipment, hotel kitchen equipment, elevator equipment, advertising signs, car decoration, sheet metal production, precision parts, metal products and other industries.
"Exxon machinery" in the world has many users, are found in Germany, Russia, Spain, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Iran, Indonesia, Turkey, Jordan, Dubai, Poland, Morocco, Mexico, Brazil, Lebanon, Thailand, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong and Taiwan, more than 40 countries or regions and Chinese provinces and cities.
"Quality is the best brand" is the eternal philosophy Exxon machinery, research and development, design and production of each device are focused on technological innovation, scientific design, precision manufacturing, and in strict accordance with the ISO9001: 2008 (Germany's TUV certification) quality management system checks each production step to ensure the performance and quality of every factory equipment.

The specialty is engaged in fiber & CO2 laser cutting equipment research and development, production and sales.

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