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Application of laser in metal material and its pipe processing

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China is the world's largest producer and consumer of steel. In recent years, in order to meet the processing demand of the industrial market, various laser processing systems used for cutting pipes have come out. In recent years, with the rapid growth of the production and consumption of metal pipes in China, the advanced laser processing system solutions have been widely used in the production and processing of tube industry, especially in stainless steel, alloy steel and silicon steel. Processing and application of galvanized steel, nickel titanium alloy, nickel iron alloy, titanium alloy and other metal pipes.

At present, although the tube laser cutting equipment is rapidly popularizing in our country, the demand for CNC cutting talents and laser tube cutting technology is increasing rapidly, but the serious shortage and lag of the laser tube cutting equipment and CNC cutting personnel and technology are caused by the low cutting efficiency, poor cutting quality and serious waste of the base material. Come out. In view of the main technical problems of laser tube cutting, we have listed some major technical considerations for the management.


In the mechanical structure, a unique double drive pneumatic chuck rotating mechanism is used in the mechanical structure, and the pipe is cut through the motion of the machine tool. With the work table along the workpiece axial motion, the full length automatic laser cutting of metal pipe material can be realized under the automatic laser cutting. Material.

Numerical control cutting


CNC cutting is a mass production, high efficiency and high quality cutting production mode. CNC cutting is the core of numerical control cutting system. It refers to the cutting control software of the CNC system to provide advanced cutting technology and rich cutting experience, so that the cutting operators can achieve high quality and high efficiency by using the control system skillfully.


Blanking software


First of all, the NC cutting program is generated by the programming of drawing, blanking and blanking in advance through the professional pipe cutting software. Then the full length automatic laser cutting of large length metal pipes is carried out. Professional pipe packing software is the basis and prerequisite for achieving mass production, high efficiency and high quality cutting production of CNC tube cutting machines.


Cutting process


Because of the cutting (especially for Fang Guancai of the tube diameter), the slag is attached to the inner wall of the tube. Most of the heat produced by the cutting is absorbed by the workpiece. When the cutting density is large, the pipe is often overheated, the corner and the four corners of the square tube are overheated, which seriously affects the quality of the cut and even can not be cut. This kind of problem can be used to keep the cutting nozzle and the focus of the surface of the workpiece constant, so that the cutting effect is not affected by the change of the surface of the workpiece; the method of increasing the oxygen pressure is increased; the speed of the sharp angle synthesis is improved by the software.

Now, the laser tube cutting technology is in the process of rapid development and continuous improvement. With the continuous updating and development of computer technology, mechanical structure, cutting technology and optimization algorithm, the CNC laser cutting technology will be more outstanding to show its intelligent, rapid and optimized cutting technology and technology, for laser tube cutting machine  Efficient cutting, high quality cutting, and saving pipe and energy consumption, provide technical support.

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