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What are basic specifications of metal laser engraving machine?

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The production tools and production equipment are undergoing gradual replacement of upgrade ones, as is the metal laser engraving machine. The continuous innovation has enabled this new mechanical craft to gradually flow to more areas, and therefore laser etching machines can contribute to the improvement of the company. How much do you know about the basic information before buying machines such like acrylic laser engraving cutting machines?


What are basic characteristics of metal laser engraving machine?

The characteristics of the laser engraving machine are: through intelligent control system to feed, cut, tail processing for intelligent, automatic operation, and can effectively spare manpower and profile resources of the laser engraving machine. It can automatically identify the end of metal tube profile and automatically cut, and can classify the end of profile head without manual correction.

At the same time, co2 laser cutting machine cannot only automatically identify what the profile is, but also can be intelligent automatic counting, stop to remind the replacement of saw blade and other functions. One person can operate multiple machines at the same time, which can reduce operators, spare labor, improve production efficiency and spare a lot of production costs for enterprises.

There is not too much trouble in the craft workshop to operate the laser etching machines. This kind of craft workshop only needs one profile manager to pay attention to whether the laser engraving machine is in designated position.


What are basic accessories for metal laser engraving machine?

There are many common fittings for laser engraving devices. These fittings have distinct service life and need to be replaced in time as the loss increases. The purpose of replacing the laser engraving devices sections is to make our device work under the best condition. Many manufacturers will buy a lot of original sections in order to ensure the work efficiency. So, what are the metal small laser cutting machines sections? What preparations do you need to make? The reasons are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1.        Reflective lens

In a typical laser engraving device, there are two kinds of sections: laser output mirror and focusing mirror, which have reputation of important laser machine accessories. There are also some other laser devices with multiple mirrors, mainly using lens light. Refraction and aggregation functions. If the mirror is damaged, the engraving effect of the laser engraving devices will be worse, so always pay attention.

2.        Protective lens

The main function of laser protection lens is to place the laser chip and lens damaged by the debris generated during engraving. The replacement time is generally no more than 3 months. Both sides are coated with film preventing mirroring effect with high hurt sill to reduce reflection.

3.        Beam expander

This center element of laser engraving devices is a lens fitting that makes changes of the diameter and area of the laser ray.

4.        Copper nozzle

The laser engraving devices needs to use the assistant gas to blow away the debris directly during the progress, which can excellently place the debris collected during engraving progress and also focus the mirror, and contribute to the effect of laser engraving. The replacement time of the accessory is generally not more than two months. Since the assistant gas has air pressure and the aperture size of the nozzle depends on the engraving material, the loss is different depending on the actual situation.


How can metal laser engraving machine help you achieve profits?

According to the development trend of the market and the use of laser engraving devices by customers, metal laser engraving machine is the most popular laser equipment in enterprise, because it can meet the engraving working according to customers' needs. In this way, the metal laser engraving machine will be more popular after several years of development, and in the continuous development of technology, which also contributes the progress of metal laser engraving machine to a new development peak.

The development of science and technology has greatly helped the progress of the metal laser engraving machine, and the improvement of production has improved the economic benefits of enterprises, let metal laser engraving machine suppliers have enough strength to overcome the more difficult market environment.


If you want to gain more popularity in the laser engraving machine industry, you must overcome all the difficulties and frustrations. Only after experiencing all kinds of sufferings and setbacks can you see the brilliant rainbow. EKS Laser produces metal and wood laser engraving machines which is outstanding in the development, just to bring the better laser etching machines experience to our customers.

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