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How to upgrade your laser tube cutting machine equipment?

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Having a laser tube cutter means you can get accurate and efficient results, but if you are looking for better quality, you can try to improve the laser tube cutting machine. Do you know how to upgrade your laser tube cutter?


How to choose the right laser tube cutting machine?


It's hard to imagine achieving optimal pipe cutting - the workpiece is circular, square, rectangular or asymmetrical - without lasers. The laser system revolutionized the cutting process, especially the complex shapes. Laser tube cutters require a large initial investment, especially if you are using large tube sizes and introducing automation and other new technologies into the production process, you need to plan carefully to ensure that laser tube cutters are cost-effective.


Finally, before you decide to buy a laser tube cutter, you need to consider a few variables; Product design, process simplification, cost reduction and response time are critical.


Laser tube cutting machine function


1. Laser tube cutting machine can be applied to all new product design. Innovative and complex designs are easy to use for laser machining, allowing products to be more powerful, more aesthetically pleasing, and generally lighter in weight without sacrificing strength. Laser tube cutting machine is good at supporting tube assembly process. Special laser cutting function makes it easy to bend or connect, which can greatly simplify welding and assembly, and help to reduce product cost.

2. Laser tube cutters allow operators to precisely cut holes and contours in one working step, eliminating redundant parts processing downstream. In one concrete example, the use of lasers for pipe connections instead of sawing, milling, drilling, deburring, and related material treatment reduced manufacturing costs by 30 percent.

3. Through simple programming of computer-aided design drawings, even small batch production or prototype design, parts can be quickly programmed for laser cutting. Laser tube cutting machine can not only process parts quickly, but also set up the shortest time, so you can manufacture parts in time to reduce inventory costs.


How to upgrade the equipment of your laser tube cutting machine?


After the typical manufacturing steps have been counted, the next step is to examine the available features of the laser tube cutter and determine what is necessary.


Cut back on strength. Keep in mind that most laser tube cutters are equipped with resonators that provide 2 to 4 kW of cutting power. This is sufficient to effectively reduce the typical maximum thickness of low carbon steel (5/16 ") and aluminum and steel (5/16 ") tubes. Manufacturers that handle large amounts of aluminum and stainless steel will need a machine at the high end of the power range, while companies that use light, low carbon steel may need a machine at the low end.


Capacity. The capacity of laser tube cutters, usually calculated by maximum weight per foot, is another important consideration. Tubes come in a variety of standard sizes, usually 20 to 30 feet, and sometimes longer. Oems or contract manufacturers order custom-sized tubes to minimize waste, so consider using machines that match common material sizes. For the shop floor, the choice becomes more complex. The length of the pipe in a rolling mill is usually 24 feet long, with a maximum diameter of 6 inches, a maximum length of 30 feet, and a maximum diameter of 10 inches. In this size range, tube-based laser systems typically have a weight capacity of 27 pounds per linear foot.


Material loading and unloading. Another factor in choosing a laser tube cutter is its ability to feed from raw materials. Typical laser-tube cutters cut typical parts at such a high speed that manual loading can't keep up, so laser-tube cutters are often equipped with strap-loaders that can carry up to 8,000 pounds of strap-ons. Place the material in the magazine. The loader separates the pipes and loads them one by one into the machine. The bundling loader can also transport multiple pipes into the buffer bin to reduce the loading time between pipes to 12 seconds. Switching from one tube size to another can be simplified by an automatic mechanism in the loader. All adjustments required for the new tube size are handled by the controller.


Most laser tube cutting machine systems can cut round, square, and rectangular tubes, as well as shapes such as teardrop, Angle, and c-channel profiles. Asymmetrical contours may be difficult to load and clamp properly, so optional cameras with special lighting inspect the tube during loading and adjust the chuck based on the detected contours. This ensures reliable loading and cutting of asymmetric contours.


Cutting head. Bevel cutting is an important factor to weld the cutting pipe together. Bevel cutting requires the cutting head to tilt 45 degrees in either direction during the cutting process. To provide additional machining safety during complex bevel cutting, the cutting head can be held in place with a magnet. In the case of a collision between the tubular workpiece and the head, the head is detached; It can reconnect in seconds. Bevel cutting heads can also be combined with additional high-speed shafts to increase cutting acceleration and increase the productivity of laser tube cutting machine equipment by nearly 30 percent.


Maximize efficiency. After determining the value the laser tube cutter system can bring to the production process, you need to configure the equipment for your application. For example, too short a loading system can severely affect the nesting efficiency of finished parts, increasing waste, while too long a system requires higher initial investment and more floor space. In addition to seeking advice from the system manufacturer, you need to cut sample parts and evaluate the options available for each laser tube cutter to ensure the best return on your investment.


If you want better use of laser tube cutting machine, you can try the above method of upgrading laser cutter. If you are looking for a rugged, high quality and reasonably priced laser tube cutting machine, the EKS Laser can provide you with the best products.


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