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Why laser tube cutting machine matters?

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This is often the case with people who want to invest in laser tube cutters. Why invest in a new laser tube cutting machine? Why use lasers instead of other tools? Why is a laser tube cutter so important?


Why should I choose laser tube cutting machine?


More and more people choose this laser tube cutting machine to cut carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and precious metals. People prefer this machine for the following reasons:

1. This laser tube cutting machine is environmentally friendly and will not cause any pollution.

2. This laser tube cutter produces good cutting results with clear edges.

3. This laser tube cutting machine is very powerful and can save a lot of time.


In addition, this laser tube cutting machine has many other advantages. Pipeline laser cutting machine has advantages over traditional technology. As we all know, any new processing technology can be recognized by the public, and get rapid development, must have the traditional technology does not have the characteristics, so what are the advantages of the pipeline laser cutting machine? There are two main points:One is flexibility. How is this laser tube cutting machine considered flexible? Almost as much as it wants to cut, it can cut any shape programmed on a stainless steel tube, and the laser can cut perfectly in any direction. The shapes to be processed can be changed flexibly and quickly through computer programming. The high flexibility of laser tube cutters provides powerful and advantageous technical support for the increasing number of individual processes, thereby reducing the number of moulds used.


Second, accuracy. Compared with Yuhuoyan cutting, plasma cutting, water cutting and other traditional processing equipment, this laser tube cutting machine is much more accurate in cutting metal plates. At the same time, according to the above, different materials in the process of processing may occur a small retractable deformation. The laser tube cutting machine can be flexibly adjusted according to these deformations, which is not possible with many traditional technologies.


What is the use of laser tube cutting machine?


In fact, laser tube cutting machines can be used for more than simple vertical cutting. Laser tube cutting machine provides users with many processes, such as Angle cutting, grooving, marking, grooving, bevel cutting and hole marking.


The diversity of cutting technology is one of the reasons for the popularity of laser tube cutting machine. Using CNC software and precision laser, a large number of pipes and pipes can be processed quickly in a variety of ways. Many laser cutters also offer automatic loading, alignment, and unloading. This means that stores that need to perform multiple processes (such as cutting and cutting) can save significant machine and tool replacement time by using a single machine that meets all of their needs.


Another advantage of laser tube cutting machine is the quality of cutting itself. When laser cutting is used, the finished product is cut smoothly and accurately. This means that grinding or deburring the cutting ends requires little additional time or labor, greatly increasing efficiency and speed. Laser tube cutters can perform cutting, grooving, marking, notching and other processes that can also benefit from the precision of CNC lasers. By combining the work of multiple machines into a single machine with automated functions and high-precision controls, manufacturers greatly accelerate the time required to complete extremely accurate parts. This speed and accuracy translate into improved efficiency, higher ROI, and rugged products for demanding applications.


Another advantage of laser tube cutting machines, which are often overlooked, is their ease of use. Many laser cutting machines on the market today offer enclosed workspaces and intuitive software. These characteristics mean that operators are not only safer, but require less training or expertise to perform many cutting processes.


The matters needing attention about buying laser tube cutting machine


What kind of laser do I need? Like conventional laser cutting machines, laser tube cutting machines have some different laser cutting options. Common types of lasers include CO 2 cutters and fiber optic laser tube cutters. This will affect the tightness and cutting consistency of the beam. For example, fiber optic laser tube cutters have much smaller beams than CO 2 cutters because they use solids (glass fibers) to amplify and focus the laser rather than gases (CO 2).


Should I buy new or used? The answer depends on how much specific functionality you need. It might be worth it if the must-have features only apply to new models. Otherwise, stick with used machines from reputable sellers. Used laser tube cutters cost far less than new ones and do the same amount of work with the same level of precision.


What features do I need and what features do I want? When buying laser cutting machine, whether it is new or second-hand, we should consider which functions are "essential", which functions are "good". "Nice looking" functionality can be beneficial and time saving, but it doesn't have to be critical to your operations. The "must have" feature is essential for performing the most common manufacturing operations. For example, if you need to do a lot of bevel cutting, a machine that can perform such cutting will be a "must have". Otherwise, the feature is just "very useful." Basically, don't get caught up in chasing a set of features you don't really need, because finding a machine with the "good" features you want will cost far more than a more basic machine that meets your most critical needs.


Laser tube cutters are not cheap to manufacture, but their excellent results make investing in them a worthwhile business. If you are looking for a rugged, high quality and reasonably priced laser tube cutting machine, the EKS Laser can provide you with the best products.


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