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How should I operate the metal laser engraving machine?

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Economic boost provides strong support for the market, but also brings more development space and opportunities for the laser industry. Laser engraving machines industry is the most popular industry in economic development, metal laser engraving machines as the laser industry members, although starting relatively late, its development is the fastest. Laser etching machine is a good helper for the enterprise, how do you best operate it?


What operation should you take to solve laser engraving machines problems?

1.      Burrs

The reasons why the goods worked by the laser metal engraving machine has burrs are various. The upper and lower directions of the laser position are not correct, and the orientation test is required, and the modulation is performed according to the offset; the output power of the laser engraving machines is not good, and it is required to check whether the operation of the laser generator is not normal, if it is normal, investigate whether the output value of the laser control button is correct and change it; the line speed of engraving is too slow, the demand increases the metal laser engraving machines line speed during operation and control; the purity of the cut gas is not good, and the demand for high quality should be required.

In the case of the small laser cutting machines focus shift, the demand is the focus orientation test, and the change of figures is based on the offset of the focus; the instability of the machine running time is too long, and the turn off operation is required to start from the beginning.

2.        Small hole deformation

The deformation of the small hole worked by the laser metal engraving machine is due to the fact that the machine tool does not take the craft of blasting puncture craft when working the details of profiles, but makes the most of the craft of pulse puncture craft, which makes the laser energy of co2 laser cutting machine gather too much in an area. The working area is also burnt, forming change of the hole and affecting the working quality.

At this point, the pulse puncture craft choice should be changed to the explosion puncture craft choice in the machining program to solve this problem. The less powerful laser metal engraving machine operation is just the opposite. In the detail working of profiles, in order to obtain a better surface finish, a pulse drilling choice should be used.

3.        Abnormal sparks

The laser metal engraving machine exhibits an abnormal spark during progress, which affects the level of the cut section finish of the part. At this moment, when other ones are normal, the following conditions of laser etching machines should be considered: the loss of the laser head component should be replaced in time. In the absence of new laser etching machines component replacement, the operating gas pressure should be increased; the thread at the junction of the component and the laser head is loose.

At this point, the cut should be immediately suspended to see the laser front point connection condition, and the thread keeps distance from the metal laser engraving machines head.


What will be your operation when it comes to gas of laser engraving machines?

Co2 laser cutting machine is now the trend of engraving industry. Many companies are slowly replacing traditional engraving machine with high efficiency and good effect. The laser engraving machine needs to care when choosing laser engraving machine. One of the problems is what gas is needed to make the engraving effect good and the cost low.

In fact, when laser engraving machine is cut, because of the distinct profile adapted of the engraving metal, distinct engraving gases are selected, which occupy a significant place on the level of the laser engraving machine.

  1.         In the case that the gas of metal laser engraving machines does not reach the standard pressure, it is usual to cause the laser to be too weak to penetrate the metal, and the time needed increases, so that the productivity is negatively affected.

  2.         When the gas pressure of metal laser engraving machines is out of the standard, the degree of melting point is increased, and the surface of the metal is difficult to melt, so the quality of the cut will also be negatively affected.

  3.        At the time that the laser engraving machine cuts common carbon steel, the thicker the profile, the lower the pressure of the engraving gas. When the stainless steel is cut, the pressure of the engraving gas increases as the thickness of the profile increases. In short, when laser engraving, the choice of metal laser engraving machines gas and pressure must be adjusted according to the actual situation at the time of engraving. In specific applications, different engraving parameters should be selected according to the specific situation.


Why should you improve your laser metal engraving machine?

The upgrade and revolution of metal engraving equipment seems to be simple and straightforward. But when you actually do it, you will find that this is not an easy task. In particular, the revolution of laser metal engraving equipment requires various attempts to improve its shortcomings and to subdivide and locate its market.

For example, if the existing metal laser engraving machines is upgraded and the backward production capacity is eliminated, the capacity increase means that the cost is reduced. For example, the conventional hardware factory uses the metal engraving machine equipment as an ordinary metal laser engraving machine as an example, and the 80 metal 2MM thickness engraving time is 15 to 20 seconds, if the laser engraving machine used as alternative can be shortened to 3 seconds, the level of laser engraving machine can be upgraded by 3 to 5 times, achieving full automation efficiency and reducing processing steps.


Quality improvement, external exquisite design and intrinsic innovation, as well as reputation building are the key to the improvement of laser engraving machines today. The market is fiercely competitive. Enterprises must take care of each other. It is not easy to become a leader in the laser etching machines industry. EKS Laser is willing to make a contribution to wood laser engraving machines with the best equipment and the most perfect service.

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