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What are fire prevention measures for metal laser engraving machine?

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The laser engraving machine generates high heat when it is used. If it is not operated correctly, it will easily cause a fire, which will not only cause economic loss, but also cause casualties. This is what any laser engraving machines users don't want to see. In order to put the dangers thousands of miles away, we will have a lot of things to pay attention to, this article will tell you the fire protection principles that laser engraving machine you need to pay attention to when using!



What are fire prevention measures for metal laser engraving machine?

When using a laser engraving device, pay attention to fire safeguard procedures. Only when nice fire safeguard procedures are taken can the metal laser engraving machine be safely guarded. So, what rules should we follow when using a laser engraving device?

1. When using the metal laser engraving machine, check whether the air path is completely sealed. If there is a gap that allowing the gas passing, which may cause an open flame, leading to a fire in severe cases in possibility.

2. On the condition that metal laser engraving machine is put into working, it should be kept away from open flame as much as possible, otherwise it is easy to cause fire due to excessive degrees.

3. Do not let the spot of the metal laser engraving machine stay in one place at all times to perfectly prevent fire.


What are principles of troubleshooting of metal laser engraving machine?

The superiorities of laser engraving machines are becoming more and more obvious, and users are increasingly enjoying such processing equipment. Then the user should understand the troubleshooting principle of the laser engraving machine during the process of use. The principle of laser engraving machine troubleshooting is basically as follows:

1.        Principles of post-program operation

When you encounter a fault of laser engraving device, you should calm down and ask the operator about the phenomenon of the fault and the symptoms after the fault, and carefully analyze the possible causes before you can propose a solution.

2.        Principle of simple and complex test

When a variety of annoying laser engraving device phenomena are intertwined, there is a way to start, and easy troubles should be dealt with first, and then difficult ones should be solved.

3.        Principle of external and internal

This is mainly reflected in two aspects: first check whether the external conditions of laser engraving device are suitable, on the other hand, avoid random opening and disassembly, which can avoid the expansion of the fault or reduce the accuracy of the laser engraving device system.

4.        Principe of general and special

When you are doing troubleshooting of laser engraving device, you should consider the most usual reasons at first and then analyze the special cases that rarely occur.

In addition, it is necessary to follow the principle of first checking and then energizing, first software, hardware and so on.


Why should you give metal laser engraving machine a chance?

Economic and social development has laid a good foundation for the development of the domestic machinery industry. The laser engraving machines have made great achievements in all aspects. They have truly begun to follow the path of their own development, and continue to unswervingly innovate and create new types of laser engraving machines. Adhering to the coordinated development of laser engraving machines, metal laser engraving machines represent the universal application of high technology, which has upgraded the machinery industry to a new level, adding a powerful weight and prosperous scene to the market. At the same time, it also improves the aesthetics and quality credibility of the equipment.


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