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What should we pay attention to when use metal laser engraving machine?

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Laser engraving machines promote the economic efficiency of various industries through a series of crafts, and at the same time, according to the diversified requirements, they can be advanced to diversified styles, and find their own clear positioning, depending on the needs of the buyers. In order to better realize the value of laser engraving machines, as a buyer, what should you pay attention to when using laser engraving machines?


What problems we may encounter during using laser engraving machines?

Many users encounter problems of laser engraving devices when they are processed, which is especially common in some old equipment. What are the reasons for the laser engraving machines not being cut smoothly? Common reasons are:

1. The power of the laser is reduced or the lamp is aged so that the energy of the laser beam is insufficient, causing the tube to be cut through.

2.On the condition that engraving speed is too fast, the focus lens is damaged, the focusing effect is poor, the optical path is incorrect. These are all why the laser engraving devices cannot be cut perfectly.

Of course, there are still many factors that make the template cuts of laser engraving devices not smooth or opaque, such as the material itself, the air pressure of the auxiliary gas is not enough, and the water turbidity of the cooling system is poor.


What should we focus on during using laser engraving machines?

1. For the problem that the laser power reduction current of laser engraving devices is small, we need to replace the laser tube in time, replace the larger voltage regulator to increase the laser current output and increase the output power of laser engraving devices.

2. Properly reduce the engraving speed of the laser engraving machine. If the mirror is dirty, professional cleaning is required. In a worse case, you need to seek for an alternative for the focusing lens.

3. If there is a problem with the optical path of laser engraving machine, you can try to readjust the focus until the laser can form a very round point in the profile.

4. When engraving high-reflection materials such as copper and aluminum, polish the surface or apply light-absorbing material in advance to cope with the problem of high reflectivity.

5. The foreign matter in the nozzle of laser engraving machine needs to be cleaned from time to time. You may need to increase the pressure of the auxiliary gas and replace the liquid of the cooling system in time.

The above five measures can effectively solve the problem that the metal laser engraving machine can't be cut during processing, and I hope to help everyone.


Why should we pay attention to laser engraving machines?

The emergence of laser engraving machines has brought new hope to our lives, and we have got a lot of conveniences. With the continuous change of laser engraving machines, is it directly affecting our lives, what kind of What about the impact? Will it be supported by the masses?


The level of our various craft skills has gradually improved, and the pace of development in the following era is getting faster and faster. The use of metal laser engraving machine covers quantities areas, and quite products are inseparable from the mechanical equipment. It can be seen that the development and improvement of metal laser engraving machine will surely affect the development of our industry, continuously improve and improve our living conditions and methods, and make the best guarantee for our needs.


Following the needs of the market, laser engraving machines are developing faster and faster, leading people to create a better life. Therefore, in the future development process, metal laser engraving machine will continue to improve themselves and bring new atmosphere to the development of the whole market.


We believe that the development of laser engraving machines in the future market will definitely show an automation situation, making metal laser engraving machine more independent, flexible, operationally correct, efficient and compatible in the market. EKS Laser is committed to let the laser engraving machine can adapt to more needs, expand its own development range, let more people enjoy the superiority of the performance of the laser engraving device, thus driving the development of the market economy. In addition to laser engraving machines, EKS Laser also provides excellent laser cutting machines, such as fiber laser cutting machines, high precision laser cutting machines and metal tube sheet laser cutting machines.

The specialty is engaged in fiber & CO2 laser cutting equipment research and development, production and sales.

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