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How long is the service life of metal laser engraving machine?

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The development of the economy has promoted the trend of machinery towards diversification. Under the impetus of demand, the progress of laser engraving machines is particularly prominent. More and more laser devices appear in various areas, among which metal laser engraving machines turn to the star that the majority of customers give preference to. And how long is the life of laser etching machines, how to extend its use time, has become a problem for customers.



How long can laser engraving machines serve you?

Because we are the manufacturer of small laser cutting machines and many other kinds of these machines, the service life of laser according to theory is distinct for distinct companies. It is basically 3000-7000 hours, but this is only theoretic number. The actual use time of laser engraving machines is basically between one year and two years. This depends on your use and the quality of the laser engraving machine itself.

At present, there are many costumers that use advanced metal laser engraving machines, and the price of the equipment is not low. For some small organizations, the key issue they care about is how to extend the service life of the automatic metal engraving machine, as well as how to decrease the economic pressure and economic burden of replacing equipment.


How to extend service life of metal laser engraving machine?

Professional technicians of EKS Laser want tell you that if you want to extend the service life of the automatic metal laser engraving machine, you can consider the following points:

  1.        Before using the metal laser engraving machine, carefully browse the information about the automatic co2 metal laser cutting machine, especially the use of the machine. In this way, the device can be operated normally during use, and there is no machine failure due to improper operation. At the same time, new users who use the device should consult professional technicians to guide themselves to operate independently and correctly.

  2.         To strengthen the maintenance of the automatic metal laser engraving machine, in general, the following two points should be highlighted: First, pay attention to the cleanliness of the exterior of the equipment. If the exterior of the equipment is dusty, clean it in time to keep it clean. The second is to replace the unqualified oil and liquid in the laser etching machines, so that the equipment works and operates in a relatively good environment.

  3.        Pay attention to the technical performance of the laser engraving machines in a timely manner. In daily operation and use, it is usually possible to judge whether the equipment is working properly by listening to sound and looking at the appearance. If the laser engraving machines has abnormal conditions, it should immediately stop the laser engraving machines and check for possible failures. Exclude, when the equipment is not used for a long time, also operate the equipment regularly so that it is in good condition.


Why laser engraving machines keep on upgrading?

The rapid development of the wood laser engraving machines in the market every minute compared to other products shows that the laser engraving machine has more chances of winning in the market, which is why the laser engraving machine never stops moving forward in the market. The reason why the laser engraving machine has become the most common product in the market is that it is constantly evolving in development, and its development pace will keep changing with time, but it will not stop moving forward.

For acrylic laser engraving cutting machines, if a supplier works harder, he will have more opportunities to survive and develop in the market. If there is no such opportunity, then how can the laser engraving machine develop in the market and how can it be carried out with other products and equipment? What about competition? Every day in the market, there will be fierce competition between distinct equipment. Because these products know that in order to survive in the market, they must continue to develop, and their development pace can never stop.


We believe that many manufacturers who use laser engraving machines are very concerned about the price and quality of laser etching machines. This will affect the efficiency of their processing and the cost of purchasing; they will also consider how long the life of small laser cutting machines is to create the greatest value for themselves. EKS Laser is a manufacturer of co2 laser cutting machine for many years. In addition to selling our machines, we pay more attention to the improvement of our machine quality and perfect after-sales service. We think about the problem from the user's point of view and create for the user to gain more value.

The specialty is engaged in fiber & CO2 laser cutting equipment research and development, production and sales.

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