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Can high power laser cutting machines cut aluminum?

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One of the most common applications of high-power laser cutters is the progressing of a wide variety of metals, one of the most widely used metals, which inevitably meet each other. It turns out that there are various problems when progressing aluminum profiles with metal laser cutting machines. How does high-power laser cutting equipment overcome these problems?


Here comes the context:

1. Can High-power Laser Cutting Machines Cut Aluminum?

2. How About Using High-power Laser Cutting Machines to Aluminum?

3. What is Advantage of High-power Laser Cutting Machines Progressing Aluminum?


Can High-power Laser Cutting Machines Cut Aluminum?

Despite the high reflectivity and thermal conductivity, aluminum with a thickness of less than twelve mm can be cut, depending on the alloy type and laser capability. Metal laser cutting machines’ cut surfaces can be rough and hard when cut with oxygen. When using nitrogen, the cut surface of metal laser cutting machines can be smooth relatively. Pure aluminum is very difficult to cut because of its high purity. Only when the reflection absorber is installed on the system can the aluminum be cut, otherwise the reflection will destroy the optical components.


Here we have several kinds of material which you can choose different colors from. To figure out which IPG & CST laser source cutting speed parameter would you want, you can refer to the below table.


High Power Laser Cutting Machines

High Power Laser Cutting Machines

How About Using High-power Laser Cutting Machines to Aluminum?

Periods earlier, the laser cutting machine was already been applied to cut the aluminum profile. From when, the technical staffs of laser cutting machine used the ink to the aluminum profile and then cut it because the aluminum profile was born with mirroring ability.


At that time, only aluminum sheets with a thickness of 1 mm could be cut and the cuts of the aluminum sheets were not smooth, and even aluminum sheets may be damaged.

1. Cutting quality

Aluminum profiles are materials with good mirroring ability, so metal laser cutting machines cannot progress thicker aluminum. In addition, aluminum materials are not resistant to high temperatures, and burrs are prone to occur during the progress of cutting aluminum. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on controlling the progress of laser cutting machine, and it is difficult to obtain an ideal cutting quality.

2. Cutting speed

The cutting speed also needs to be controlled. The cutting speed of the high-power laser cutters is easy to produce burrs. The cutting speed of the high-power laser cutters will cause cracks in the aluminum material, which will affect the cutting quality. Therefore, special progress control is required, and the cost is relatively high.

3. Cost of production

The progressing costs of metal laser cutting machines are very low, far lower than other cutting progresses. However, the laser damage of the metal laser cutting machines is severe, which greatly reduces the life of the laser, so the cost will be higher in addition to the loss of the machine.


What is Advantage of High-power Laser Cutting Machines Progressing Aluminum?

The advantage of laser cutting machines is the ability to progress aluminum foil into different shapes quickly and accurately. The cutting machine uses a laser with high power as the progressing energy. After the single-mode laser beam is focused, the power density is greatly increased. This is because the spot diameter after focusing is small, so the cutting accuracy is higher than that of other conventional cutting machines.

Metal laser cutting machines are generally thin and are used to cut aluminum profiles. The cutting surface of the aluminum laser cutting machine is free of burrs and scum. The laser-progressed laser slit is thin, fast, and dense, and the heat transferred to the material to be cut is small, resulting in small deformation of the material. The metal laser cutting machine is controlled by a computer. The metal laser cutting machine can cut aluminum profiles of different shapes, improve the utilization of aluminum profiles, and save a lot of profile costs.

Innovations in laser systems have led to a renewed assessment of the advantages of laser-cut aluminum profiles. Initial tests have shown the potential of laser technology in aluminum profiles. Future metal laser cutting machines and existing designs should not exclude the use of metal laser cutting machines for cutting aluminum profiles due to past experience.


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