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How do you use high precision laser cutting machine?

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The development direction of different product equipment in the market is very different, so that the route taken in development is different, just like high-precision laser cutting machines, because its development ideas are special, so the success it achieves is also unique. What do you know about the use of high-precision laser cutting machines and how to use high-precision laser cutting machines with safety?


Here comes the context:

1. How to use High-precision Laser Cutting Machine Properly?

2. What Supports Use of High-precision Laser Cutting Machines?

3. How does High-precision Laser Cutting Machines Stand Out?


How to use High-precision Laser Cutting Machine Properly?

1. Develop and comply with equipment operating procedures.

Develop and strictly follow the operating procedures of the equipment. Make sure of the stability of the system before starting the high-precision laser cutting machines, especially the switch of the shutter. Check and repair the machine in time.

2. The site must be equipped with fire extinguishing equipment.

The fire-fighting device and other fire-fighting implementations should be equipped next to the high-precision laser cutting machines. The operator should understand the layout and master the usage.

3. Dangerous area management should be taken note of.

The area where the equipment is located shall be designated as a danger zone, and the area shall be enclosed by a telescopic belt to ensure that the laser leaking outside the danger zone of high-precision laser cutting device is below the reachable emission limit. Warning signs should be placed at the entrances and 

exits of the danger zone, including:

· Invisible laser radiation

· Four types of laser products

· Laser cutting machine power

· Prohibit outsiders from entering

· Pay attention to protect your eyes

When the laser cutting machine is working, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to approach the danger zone.

4. No fatigue or drunk operation.

The use of laser processing equipment such as laser cutting machines is a big risk, and if it is negligent, it is likely to cause injury. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to operate the laser cutting machine after fatigue and drinking.

5. Direct viewing of the laser beam is strictly prohibited.

The wavelength of the high-precision laser cutting machines is invisible in the infrared radiation range of the spectrum. For this reason, it is easily to be overlooked and can cause damage to the eyes. It is absolutely forbidden to look straight at the road of light!

6. It is forbidden to open the hood of the laser during the operation.

It is strictly forbidden to open the laser hood during the operation of the laser. It is strictly forbidden to open the protective door during the entire operation of the closed high-precision laser cutting machines as well.

7. It is strictly forbidden to wear metal objects for maintenance operations.

It is strictly forbidden to repair or adjust the high-precision laser cutting machines without qualification. It is strictly forbidden to wear metal ornaments or items when repairing or adjusting the laser. Do this may cause electric shock. What’s more, maintenance adjustments for high-precision laser cutting machines and light guide high-precision laser cutting device systems are extremely risky work. In order to prevent accidents, separate maintenance operations are prohibited and should be “two people walking together”.


What Supports Use of High-precision Laser Cutting Machines?

It is really meaningful to be recognized by the market, and its development will last for a long time. All the hardships are a kind of gratification for its success. The strength that supports the long-term development and efforts of fiber high-precision laser cutting machines is the recognition and demand from customers. Modernization The development of every member of the market is very difficult, so the difficulties and setbacks encountered in many cases are often an encouragement and support for high-precision laser cutting machines development.

Every advancement in the development of modern high-precision laser cutting machines is very difficult. What we believe is that what we are paying now will be worthwhile, although at present, we cannot get the corresponding value, but in the coming day, there will be some gains, then this will be a success, a successful performance since its long-term development.

The revolution of science and technology will bring more revolution space for fiber laser cutting machines, which will make the production enterprises more enthusiasm in this industry. Double efforts will make the equipment perform better in the market. Good performance suppliers have seen the potential of high-precision laser cutting machines, and there are still many unknowns that they need to explore in the future. This is endless, and they need their efforts to achieve continuous improvement of high-precision laser cutting device.


How does High-precision Laser Cutting Machines Stand Out?

High-precision laser cutting machines have a unique innovation direction, so that the route it takes is not the same as most of the products in the market. Its achievements are also impossible to achieve in other products in the market. That is, high-precision laser cutting machines are closely related to the processing materials of the high-precision laser cutting machines industry. Through the market demand for processed materials in the industry, it is clear that it is developing in the market.

Many products and equipment that want to achieve development in the market are nothing more than trying to attract the attention of users by virtue of their own advantages, so that it can have a good development opportunity in the market. Few products and equipment are on the way to realize the dream of market development by closely cooperating with the processing materials of the industry.


Because we high-precision laser cutting machines suppliers are clear about our own goals in development, so we know more clearly which direction it should work in. The processing materials in various industries are the loyal experience of laser cutting machines, they have been silently supporting the progress of laser cutting in the market. Therefore, high-precision laser cutting device suppliers can achieve the goal in the market. EKS Laser is your most loyal partner, we look forward to seeing you, there is always a laser cutting machine,High Power Laser Cutting MachinesFiber Laser Cutting Machines  suitable for you.

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