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How does High-precision Laser Cutting Machine Work?

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As a leading technology in the market, high-precision laser cutting machines have provided favorable conditions for the development of enterprises. High-precision laser cutters can help users get more benefits; this is a very exciting point. If you still have questions about how high-precision laser cutting machines can help you achieve profits, this article will clear your minds.


Here comes the context:

1. Why Should We Notice Focal Length of High-precision Laser Cutting Machines?

2. How does High-precision Laser Cutting Machine Work?

3. How can High-precision Laser Cutting Machines Bring You Profit?


Why Should We Notice Focal Length of High-precision Laser Cutting Machines?

Since the degree of the laser power has a great influence on the cutting efficacy, the choice of the focal length of the lens is also an important issue. The point size after making sure the status of the laser ray is proportional to the focal length of the lens. After the ray of high-precision laser cutting machines is focused by a short focal length lens, the point size is small and the is at the right place.


While it is conducive to material cutting, shortcoming of laser cutting machine is short focal depth and small adjustment margin, which is generally suitable for high-speed cutting of thin-walled materials. Since the long focal length lens of high-precision laser cutting machines has such a wide depth of focus, it is sufficient to cut a thick workpiece as long as there is sufficient power density.


How does High-precision Laser Cutting Machine Work?

On the condition that you make sure which focal length lens to use, the position of the focal length relative to the surface of the profile is of vital significance to ensure the level of the cut. Since the power density of the focus is the highest, in most cases, the focus location of high-precision laser cutting machines during the cutting process is only a small part of the surface of the profile. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the focus and position of the profile are constant throughout the cutting process of high-precision laser cutting machines. Sometimes due to poor cooling, the lens will be heated, resulting in a change in focal length, which requires us to adjust the focus position in time.


When the focus is in the best position, the gap that high-precision laser cutting machines leads to will be the smallest one and the ability to stay stable is the highest as well. The best cutting speed of the high-precision laser cutting device can contribute to getting the ideal cutting result. In most situations, the ray focus should be adjusted just below the nozzle. The distance between the nozzle of the high-precision laser cutting device and the surface of the workpiece is generally about 1.5mm.


How can High-precision Laser Cutting Machines Bring You Profit?

As a tool for profiting the enterprise, the laser cutting machine also costs a lot. After removing the wear and tear, depreciation and cost of the machine, the remaining can be regarded as the profit of the enterprise, so when the customer purchases the laser cutting machine, will be carefully considered. So, how much profit can the high-precision laser cutting device bring to customers?

1. When it comes to profit, the first thing we need to consider is the cost. For the buyer, the most important thing is the price of the device. If the price of the device is too nice, the cost will be nicer, but if the price is too low, the quality of the goods is too poor, the maintenance cost will increase accordingly. Therefore, buyers prefer to buy laser cutting device with nice cost performance.

2. A large part of the laser cutting machine customer army is doing sheet metal progress and metal progress. Their business methods are flexible, and the working time is not fixed. If there is incoming material, it will be worked with. If the business volume is sufficient, the cost recovery is relatively fast. But if it is a company, the cost recovery will be much slower, because the average company only deal with its own goods, and the progress volume is relatively limited. Therefore, when purchasing a laser cutting machine, it can be based on the material of the material and thickness to determine the model of the high-precision laser cutting device.


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