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How fiber laser cutting machine works step by step?

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With the rapid growth of the production and consumption of various profiles, their working craft has also developed rapidly, especially the advent of the fiber laser cutting machine, which has brought an unprecedented qualitative leap to profile working. If you are a newcomer to fiber laser cutting devices, you can't wait to get a guide to use fiber laser cutting devices step by step.


Here comes the context:

1. How Does Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Work?

2. How to Use Fiber Laser Cutting Machines Step by Step Safely?

3. What is Main Cost of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?


How Does Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Work?

Laser cutting machine is the latest craft, has been widely taken use of in all walks of life, including metal cutting and carving, laser is a kind of light, just like the nature of electroluminescence, is caused by the atomic transformation, is caused by special radiation. Although laser of fiber laser cutting devices is one of the family, it is markedly different from its ordinary family members.


After the laser comes to existence, it is transmitted by the mirror and irradiated to the progressed object through the collection mirror, making the progressed surface of object subject to strong thermal energy and a sharp increase in degrees. Because of the high degrees, the point melts or evaporates rapidly, and the track of the fiber laser cutting devices head is used for progressing purposes.


How to Use Fiber Laser Cutting Machines Step by Step Safely?

1. It is strictly forbidden to output laser beam when there is no target.

It is forbidden to output laser when there are no targeted ones. Otherwise, the laser of fiber laser cutting devices will directly illuminate the device, causing equipment and personal accidents.

2. It is strictly forbidden to stack flammable materials in the laser cutting machine processing area.

3. It is strictly forbidden to stack flammable materials such as paper, tarpaulin and oil near the laser cutting machine. When oxygen is used as the cutting aid gas, there must be no oil on the surface of the material. Otherwise, it is very easy to cause a fire.

4. It is strictly forbidden to enter the danger zone when the machine is working.

The danger area of laser cutting machine is the whole work table, if it is open work table, extend 500mm outwards. The processing zone is the main danger zone. In this area, a moving light beam may have an effect on the human body; Movable beam and fixed bed, door and base can squeeze the human body; A sharp object or needle-like support thimble can Pierce the body; The high-power density of fiber laser cutting devices is lethal to humans.

5. The work area should keep ventilated, clean and well lit.

The laser cutting machine working area should ensure good ventilation to facilitate the emission of harmful gases, such as nitrogen that overflows due to pipe bursts or cylinder leaks. Ensure that harmful gases and substances and laser working gases in the process are fully discharged to the outside.

6. The gas cylinders should be placed in the cylinder rack, placed as close as possible to the wall, stable and tidy.

7. Good lighting should be guaranteed within the laser safety management area.

8. Wear protective glasses and protective clothing

When using the laser cutting machine, the operator or people close to the laser should wear suitable protective equipment as far as you can. The purpose of the step of action is to keep away the eyes from being exposed to laser radiation, and to keep away the hurt to the eyes caused by metal splashes in the cutting process, fragments caused by the broken lens and the broken high-pressure tube.

9. Ensure key management

When the operator leaves the laser cutting machine, the key of the control power of the device should be taken to prevent misuse by other ones.

10. Properly handle damaged optics

The focusing mirror of fiber laser cutting devices and its coating form risky substances when heated excessively or otherwise hurt. Wear latex gloves during operation, do not touch with your hands. Broken lenses of fiber laser cutting devices cannot be disposed of as conventional waste and should be disposed of by professional agencies.


What is Main Cost of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

Nowadays, the fiber laser cutting machine is constantly improving and upgrading, and the price is still high. Many people are in a wait-and-see state, hoping to buy a low-cost, high-performance fiber laser cutting machine. Is it really such a good thing?

In fact, today's society has more falsifications, cheaper goods, and cheap goods are always eternal. Laser processing equipment is no exception, it is also following such rules. Then, some people ask: Which are the main reasons contribute to the high price of fiber laser cutting machines?

1. Accessories

Accessories are the basis of the performance of fiber laser cutting machine. If you choose low quality and poor performance laser, the cost is definitely low, and the price is not high.

2. Manpower and technology

If the production technology and human resource training of a fiber laser cutting device supplier are relatively backward, how advanced do you think the equipment produced can be?


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