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How is fiber laser cutting machine useful?

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The customer's request for expansion has brought different insights and challenges to fiber laser cutters, and it has also brought great development opportunities for the show of fiber laser cutting machine. Still, there are many people who stubbornly believe that traditional machines are more suitable for machining workpieces than they are. This article will tell you why fiber laser cutting equipment is more useful than them.


Here comes the context:

1. Why Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Can Replace Traditional Machining?

2. How do Users Think about Fiber Laser Cutting Machines?

3. How to Use Fiber Laser Cutting Machines?


Why Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Can Replace Traditional Machining?

In the past, the working of workpieces such as metal or plastic coverings basically adopted a craft way in which a working die was pressed by a press. This way is suitable for occasions with few categories, single-species craft, and large quantities.

1. Craft

However, nowadays the number of customer workpieces is more and more scattered, and the craft way of traditional presses needs to be equipped with full-order molds and presses for each stamping part, generally 3 to 6 presses, and the stamping working is complicated. Mold dressing takes time and labor, and in terms of time and cost, this way is increasingly unable to meet customer's craft needs.

2. Completeness

Traditional laser cutting equipment can only cut flat plates or standard round tubes and square tubes. As the laser cutting industry has undergone some changes, including the quality, thickness and shape of cutting materials, machine power and efficiency, etc. This enables fiber laser cutting machine to efficiently working parts including automobiles, rail transit, aircraft manufacturing, electromechanical sanitary ware, 3D advertising signs, and fitness equipment with higher speed and precision.


How do Users Think about Fiber Laser Cutting Machines?

Although the movement of China's laser area is a preliminary movement, under the leadership of international fiber laser cutting machine technology, it has completed a rush-forward movement with a higher stage quality than the similar ones. As far as laser cutting equipment are concerned, the demand is high, adding new vitality to the vast market.


It is clear that the fiber laser cutting machine market is clear. Fiber laser cutting machine can participate with multiple industries, and the price of equipment for working multiple industries is usually expensive. If you are belonging to a single industry, such as metal laser cutting machines, leather laser cutting machines or some other aspects, these highly targeted industrial equipment, the price is not that expensive. Small micro-machining households entering the laser industry, they are laser cutting working models that use fiber laser cutting machine to work products, but they are not advocated now.


How to Use Fiber Laser Cutting Machines?

Optical fiber laser cutting machine can solve this problem of how to increase working output and profit. The fiber laser cutting machine not only has a large working range, but also has the appropriate thickness, which improves the cutting efficiency, especially the cutting speed of stainless steel and aluminum plate, and ensures the low operating cost per unit time.


Today's low-power devices can also be worked, which makes customers who want to buy laser cutting machines no longer need to borrow another people's equipment for working. The fiber laser cutting machine working mode has gradually been replaced, which may be inevitable and also a future market. In terms of its working effect, the working effect of a single industry is definitely the best for a single industry, and it can meet the requirements of this industry to a greater extent.


Generally, a relatively large-scale supply enterprise will provide equipment operation training to customers who purchase fiber laser cutting machine. As long as the supplier has some technical processing background personnel, it is relatively simple to get started. Therefore, if you want to take laser cutting as a craft for customers, you may want to try to use laser cutting equipment to buy directly for processing, which can help you achieve and solve many problems!


For a long time, EKS Laser is committed to researching how to improve the speed and precision of laser cutting machines, so that the equipment can be more stable and faster to meet the needs of the fiber laser cutting machine industry, which is the key to its success. If you want to buy the best fiber laser cutters, High Power Laser Cutting Machines, High Precision Laser Cutting Machines don't miss out on our products.

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