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How much are high power laser cutting machines?

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In recent years, high power laser cutting machine appear much frequently in people's vision, bringing people a new processing experience, almost no industry can leave the Fiber Laser Cutting Machines. There is no doubt that for many consumers, their first concern is the issue of price. Different laser cutting machine prices vary greatly, how do you determine whether it is suitable for you?


Here comes the context:

1. How Much Does High Power Cutting Machine Cost?

2. Whether the Higher Power Cutting Machine Has the Better?

3. What Grade of High-Power Cutting Machine Should You Choose?


How Much Does High Power Cutting Machine Cost?

Metal high power laser cutting machine market price is generally about 200,000 to 1 million, in general, the gap is very large. The 1000W high power cutting machine is usually the lowest price from 25000USD, and the most advanced 12,000W from IPG high power laser cutting machine is often more than 300,000USD, of course. Here come the main two factors.

1. Production process

When it comes to talking about the price of laser cutting machine, it must first be related to its basic producers. Nowadays, there are still a lot of laser cutting machine suppliers on the market, and the price varies with the technology and quality provided by different factories. The laser cutting machine that can be provided is relatively technically and qualitatively. They are more secure, so their prices will be higher than the average suppliers.

2. Technology

At present, high power laser cutting machine manufacturers in the production of high-power laser cutting machine will spend more effort, a lot of different models, configuration of the equipment has been launched, the price has a greater change. In addition, such as the operation system of equipment, equipment power supply system and other configuration systems are a variety of options, the configuration of these differences lead to large power laser cutting machine price fluctuations.


Whether the Higher Power Cutting Machine Has the Better?

The higher the power is, the more expensive the laser cutting machine is. Power is one of the main factors directly affecting the price of laser cutting machines. High-power laser cutting machines have higher requirements for their hardware. The upgrade of the entire equipment and components will cause the cost of the entire equipment to skyrocket. Therefore, when selecting the power of the device, you should consider the value that you can accept.


The higher the power, the better? It’s wrong actually. Laser cutting machine according to the power can be divided into low, medium, high power. For thin stainless steel and carbon steel plate, it is possible to use low-power optical laser cutting machine to cut very well, and at the same time to ensure a high cutting speed, not only to ensure work efficiency and save costs. Therefore, in the purchase of laser cutting machine, must be based on their own material thickness, material to reasonable choice, do not blindly pursue high power.


What Grade of High-Power Cutting Machine Should You Choose?

The laser cutting working has been in China for more than 20 years. There are many companies that undertake laser working business. It is very convenient for external working of stuffs that are not usually used in thickness. Therefore, when we choose laser cutting power, we only It is ok to consider cutting that can meet requirement of 80% of the main board thickness.


For the other 20%, our choice of higher power is not a good deal. Because, when the power of the laser is increased by 1 kW, the required power configuration is only increased by at least three kilowatts for the laser, and the cooling system needs to be increased by 4P. The cost of use will also increase a lot, especially for the main consumables - the lens, the higher the power of the lens. The higher the power you have to bear, the more expensive it will be. So, when we choose high-power laser cutting machine, we should not only focus on the power grade, as long as it can meet our daily needs of 80%.


That means, many times you don't need to pursue an 8000w super-power laser cutting machine. A high-power laser cutting machine with a power of 1500W can also have a good effect.


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