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How much does it cost to run high power laser cutting machine?

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Laser cutting machines are undoubtedly the representative of high-efficiency tools. Major suppliers have been developing towards larger format, higher precision and higher power. This has made high-power laser cutting machines have made great progress in various industrial fields. However, the high price of the which has discouraged many people. Do you know how expensive will it cost you to run a high-power laser cuttings machine?



Here comes the context:

1. How much does it cost to run high power laser cutting machine?

2. What are Reasons for Relatively Expensive High-power Laser Cutting Machine?

3. Why Price Difference of High-power Laser Cutting Machines occur?


How much does it cost to run high power laser cutting machine?

For the problem of how much the high-power laser cutting machine is, many users may find that the price of the laser cutting machine of each supplier is very different, varying from hundreds of thousands to millions. There are many factors that affect the price of laser cutting machines.


The emergence of domestic high-power laser cutting machine has broken the monopoly in the field of imports, which is also the reason that directly leads to the price reduction of imported high-power laser cutting machines. Compared with the previous situation of import monopoly, the quotation of most high-power laser cutting machines on the market has decreased by about 50%. For example, the price of an imported 1000W laser was about 130,000USD before, and now it has dropped to about 30,000USD. It can be said that the price drop is very large.


The price adjustment of laser leads to the decline of the quotation of high-power laser cutting machine. From millions of unreachable at the beginning to hundreds of thousands of available, this is why more and more businesses are willing to buy more cost-effective laser cutting machines.


What are Reasons for Relatively Expensive High-power Laser Cutting Machine?

1. High-power laser cutting machines can cut the bevel and can it quickly. Ordinary fully automatic cutting machines cannot cut the angle, and the angle of cutting is generally semi-automatic cutting machine or manual cutting machine, which has low production efficiency.

2. High-power laser cutting machines have powerful functions. Take pipe as an example, it can cut square holes and waist-shaped holes on a circular pipe, cut various shapes on the square pipe surface, cut the diagonal end face on the end of a circular pipe, and hollow out and punch holes. And the ordinary cutting machine function only has single function.

3. The high-power laser cutting machines can cut materials with a thickness of 1-30mm and a diameter of 10-270MM. The ordinary cutting machine is limited by the saw blade and is only suitable for cutting materials with a wall thickness of 5 mm or less and a diameter of 140 or less.

4. High-power laser cutting machines can cut shaped tubes, which cannot be cut by ordinary cutting machines.

5. The high-power laser cutting machines have a wider range of materials and can cut a variety of metal materials. Ordinary cutting machines need to select the corresponding cutting machine according to the hardness of the material. Not all machines can cut all metal materials.

6. High-power laser cutting machines have small slits and no material loss.


Why Price Difference of High-power Laser Cutting Machines occur?

We have met many customers who directly ask the laser cutting machine how much money, we don't know the specific needs of customers, the price is definitely not certain, so that our sales staff can't answer. But the customer's professional knowledge is relatively scarce, often get confused when choosing a laser cutting machine. Thus, how can we choose the most cost-effective cutting machine? The assembly of the laser cutting machine not only determines the price, but also determines the service life of the equipment. Therefore, we must pay attention to the choice of accessories when we buy laser cutting machines.


As you can see from the below table, we have a detailed display of the different accessories of electricity cost, gas consumption cost and consumable spare parts cost. No wonder why different high-power laser cutting machines have distinct prices! Of course, EKS LASER always provides best ones with reasonable price and proper accessories. We also provide 

Electricity cost (2000W)




real consumption

laser source



18.7x0.8x0.15=2.24 USD

cutting bed


(use 80% power for cutting,0.15USD/1kw)



exhaust fan


Gas conumption cost











1mm carbon steel





1mm stainless

liquid N2




1mm stainless





below 2mm

consumable spare parts cost







Protective lens'




The better the environment, the longer the working life

Copper nozzel




very difficult

Ceramic ring







EKS LASER high-power laser cutting machine has the characteristics of high speed, high precision and high slitting finish. It is gradually replacing the traditional sheet metal blanking process and has been widely used in various fields of industrial manufacturing. If you want to buy a high-power laser cutting machine, High Precision Laser Cutting Machines, Metal tube sheet Laser Cutting Machines don't miss our products!

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