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Is fiber laser cutting machine dangerous?

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The new century is surrounded by the sense of science and skill. Many companies rely on their core competitive ability of creation to achieve success. The main device in the current cutting and progressing aspect is fiber laser cutting machines. However, many customers are worried that fiber laser cutting devices will cause harm to them. On the other hand, some distributors claim that their fiber laser cutting machine is completely harmless. Let us find out the truth.


Here comes the context:

1. What Danger You May Encounter When Using Fiber Laser Cutting Devices?

2. How to Use Fiber Laser Cutting Devices Properly? 

3. Why should we Continue to Use Fiber Laser Cutting Devices?


What Danger You May Encounter When Using Fiber Laser Cutting Devices?

Laser class must be marked on the laser system with Roman numerals, and all regular laser products are generally labeled with a classification label, which is one of the reasons you need to purchase brand fiber laser cutting devices. If you don't do a safe job, fiber laser cutting devices may bring you the following damage.

1. Eyes

General novice just contact laser cutting machine, like to stare at the head of the cutting machine, but if long time to see the spark generated by the cutting machine, there will be damage to the eyes, there is a tingling feeling. Laser cutting machine in the process of processing, because of the characteristics of fiber laser cutting machine, which can make the energy in space and time highly concentrated, it is easy to cause very low laser energy irradiation, will cause cornea or retina damage.

2. Skin

On the condition that you are exposed laser of fiber laser cutting machine, if the energy is too powerful, it may cause skin hurt. Of course, the damage can be repaired by human body eventually, and it does not affect the functional entire structure. If it is exposed for a long time, it may burn and stay. It is much lighter than eye damage, but it must be taken seriously as well.

3. Lungs

In the progress of using fiber laser cutting equipment, some dust will appear, especially in the progressing of some special metal profiles, the smoke contains a large number of chemical components. Dust is suspended in the air and can be harmful when taken in by lungs.


How to Use Fiber Laser Cutting Devices Properly ?

To solve the problem of discontinuity of fiber laser cutting machine, it should be started form the cause of discontinuity of fiber laser cutting machine cutting. For the cutting caused by programming errors, the designer has high professional quality. In the process of preparing the cutting program of fiber laser cutting machine, it should be carefully checked to prevent error.


For the problem of cutting discontinuity caused by the replacement of the assistant gas, after the actual fiber laser cutting machine operation experience is accumulated, when the gas bottle is replaces, we should reduce the cutting speed to 5 percent of the normal cutting speed, and press the start button and Speed up button to continue cutting.


When the laser cutting machine suddenly stops and restarts during the working process, the cutting point interface will be discontinuous. Therefore, in the actual work, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions to avoid the cutting machine from running due to wrong operation.


Whether it is carbon steel or stainless steel or alloy material, the continuous cutting path of fiber laser cutting machine can be realized by these methods, and the workpiece can be completely connected with high precision and quality.


Why should we continue to use Fiber Laser Cutting Devices?

The evolution of fiber laser cutting machine skill has injected new energy into all economical aspects. In the future fiber laser cutting machine craft practice, we must make rational use, carefully study and optimize the fiber laser cutting machine skill to improve the utilization rate of the workpiece, and reduce the cost on the premise of ensuring the quality. It is believed that with the joint efforts of the vast number of experts and scholars and the predecessors of the fiber laser cutting machine aspects, after long-term practice and exploration, we will be able to overcome the shortcomings of fiber laser cutting machine and make China's industrial level significantly improved.


From the above we can know that you need to wear protective equipment when operating the laser cutting machine to prevent laser damage to the human eye. If you are still worried, EKS Laser will provide you with a full set of after-sales service to ensure that you can safely use the fiber laser cutting machine to create. We also provide High Power Laser Cutting Machines, High Precision Laser Cutting Machines.

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