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Is fiber laser cutting machine environmental friendly?

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Due to the rapid economic development, the over-exploitation and unscientific utilization of resources, the once green mountains were polluted by dust and sewage. Therefore, we urgently need a green and healthy laser cutting machine. As the cutting edge of technology, does fiber laser cutting machine meet ecological requirements?


Here comes the context:

1. What is Application of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Environment Protection?

2. Is Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Friendly to Environment?

3. What are Ways to Use Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Environmentally Friendly?


What is Application of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Environment Protection?

Green protection is the theme of today's world, the core revolution issue of all industries, facing the green contradictions that have gradually emerged in the process of economic and social revolution, effectively solving outstanding green problems, striving to improve green quality, and actively exploring low cost, good efficiency, and low emissions. The new road of sustainable green protection has become the main goal of green industry revolution.


Under the background of rapid revolution of green protection equipment aspects, competition between whom has intensified, and domestic excellent green protection equipment enterprises are paying more and more attention to the survey of costumers, especially the in-depth study of revolution green demanders.


Because of this, a large number of excellent green fiber laser cutting devices enterprises have rapidly emerged and become the leader in the green protection device industry! The use of green fiber laser cutting machines has brought great evolution to green protection device, achieving fully enclosed protection, equipped with laser protective glass and smoke collection system to meet green protection needs.


Is Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Friendly to Environment?

When purchasing laser cutting equipment, in addition to price, we cannot ignore the efficiency of its dust control and the sustainability of its effect, because of the increasing demand for energy conservation, emission reduction and green health protection.


Fiber laser cutting equipment does not bring a lot of harmful smoke like traditional equipment cutting or other cutting methods, but there will still be some, which will hurt the health of the operators and surrounding people. In the fiber laser cutting machine operation, local dust treatment and on-site comprehensive ventilation can be used at the same time to reduce the impact.


What are the Ways to Use Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Environmental Friendly?

1. Wet treatment

The so-called wet treatment of fiber laser cutting machine is also called wet cutting, under the water or close to the surface of the place to complete the cutting operation, water to capture the smoke and dust generated during the fiber laser cutting machine cutting process, so as to achieve the goal of health.

2. Dry treatment

Dry treatment craft is also known as dry laser cutting, which is to upgrade a complete set of dust collection machine for the fiber laser cutting machine platform, and immediately transfer the generated dust to the dust percolator lampblack purifier, to ensure that this step is completed before the next operation.


Most of the dust caused by the operation of laser cutting equipment is generated directly below the workpiece, so the vacuum type air pressure laser cutting service platform has become the most common dust collection equipment at this stage. In order to save the investment of machinery and fiber laser cutting machine projects and improve the efficiency of exhaust, that is to say, the smaller air intake exceeds the higher dust collection volume, and only aim at the field in the fiber laser cutting machine for cleaning treatment.


Therefore, cutting table along the direction of the main rail cutting machine is divided into small sealed areas. The suction inlet works by side suction moving inlet and valve suction inlet of the side wall of the suction chamber. Among them, the former is widely used because of its simple structure, reliable operation and good practical effect of ash removal.


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