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Is metal tube& sheet laser cutting machine safe to use?

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When you operate any machine, no matter what processing equipment, you need to pay attention to safety when operating. Even if you are completely safe in ensuring that the machine is safe and problem-free, you need to be aware that a slight disregard may make a very simple thing a big problem. When using the metal tube & sheet laser cutting machine, the laser injection may cause the following accidents. Let us take a look at the things to be aware of when using the metal laser cutting machine.


What happens when you use it improperly?


1. Harmful gases may be generated while the machine is running. For example, when cutting with oxygen, it chemically reacts with the cutting material to form impurities such as unknown chemicals or fine particles. After being absorbed by the body, it may cause an allergic reaction or cause discomfort in the respiratory tract such as the lungs.


2. Direct laser exposure to the human body can be harmful to the human body. Laser damage to the human body mainly includes damage to the eyes and to the skin. In the damage of the laser, one body has the most serious damage to the eyes. And the damage to the eyes is permanent.


3. The laser emits a flammable substance and causes a fire. It is known that the power of the laser generator is very high, especially in the case of high-power laser cutting machines, and the laser temperature emitted is very high. The possibility of a fire when the laser is emitted from a flammable object is very high.


What should I pay attention to when using it?


1. Observe the safe operating procedures of the cutting machine and operate in strict accordance with the operating instructions.

2. The operator of the laser processing machine must be specially trained to reach a certain level and can be put into operation on the premise of the safety administrator's consent.

3. Specify the laser safety management area and set up warning signs at the entrances and exits of the management area, including: laser processing machine power, laser type, prohibiting outsiders from entering, paying attention to protecting eyes and safety manager's name.

4. There should be no flammable or explosive materials in the work area, and appropriate preventive facilities.

5. When the equipment is working, the operator must not leave the job or care for the person, and should be powered off or shut down.

6. The operator of the laser processing machine or the person who is close to the laser during the use of the laser should wear appropriate laser protective glasses and wear protective clothing. In the area where the protective glasses are worn, there must be good indoor illumination to ensure the operator operates smoothly.

7. When the equipment is working, you should pay attention to the stability of the machine and check the machine in advance to avoid accidents.

8. The equipment should be maintained regularly, and maintenance and maintenance should be carried out daily, weekly, monthly, and semi-annual.


In conclusion


You must also know that you need to be cautious no matter what machine you are working on. After all, you may have some big mistakes because of carelessness. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when operating the metal pipe laser cutting machine. Otherwise, it may not only be impossible to produce the product, but also cause some personal safety. Laser cutting machine if you have any need, please feel free to contact us, we will have professional and safe products for you.

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