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What are Disadvantages of high precision laser cutting machines?

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When it comes to high-precision laser cutting machines, every user who has used it should have a say. Because high-precision laser cutting machines can be very intuitive in the process of its operation. This article will help you to look directly at the shortcomings of high-precision laser cutting machines, which will help you in your work.


Here comes the context:

1. Do High-precision Laser Cutting Machines Have Disadvantages?

2. What are Reasons for Disadvantages of High-precision Laser Cutting Machines?

3. What are Advantages of High-precision Laser Cutting Machines?


Do High-precision Laser Cutting Machines Have Disadvantages?

Everything has two sides, and the laser cutting device also has advantages and disadvantages. Not each contour can be cut with a laser. Different lasers cut different contours. You must admit that at this point it is inferior to a wire cut machine, for the reason that wire cutting machine can cut any profile. However, there is no doubt that high-precision laser cutting machines have been widely used in the processing of metal and non-metal profiles, which can greatly shorten the processing time, reduce the cost and improve the quality of the workpiece.


High-precision laser cutting machines have the characteristics of spectacular speed, small deformation, green and healthy, lower processing cost than linear cutting, unlimited number of workpiece and so on. But it's also more unaffordable than stamping, but depending on the quantity, high-precision laser cutting device is more cost-effective than cutting molds.


What are Reasons for Disadvantages of High-precision Laser Cutting Machines?

The large-scale high-precision laser cutting device should be called "cross scan", and it is not necessary to use only large-format, small-format can also be used. At the beginning, the control part of the plotter was directly used on the high-precision laser cutting device. This is a convenient method in the past. Now there is a special drive and execution system.

1. Cut speed

The speed of the laser cutting machine is relatively to be slow. Most of the current cross scanning systems in foreign countries use ball screws or timing belts as the main structure of the motion system. In the scanning system with improved driving capability, the speed of the laser cutting machine has been greatly improved.

2. Cut accuracy

The accuracy of high-precision laser cutting device is low, and the repeat steps of craft is basically limited to the accuracy of the plotter itself, and the error is sometimes very large. Ball screw or timing belt plus high-precision subdivision drive motor system, the precision of high-precision laser cutting device is more than enough for ordinary machining. However, this accuracy is still not comparable to the accuracy of the galvanometer.

3. Customize problem

It is impossible to customize the control parameters required by the characteristics of the high-precision laser cutting device output. That was due to the borrowing of the plotter's drive system. There are already special laser cutting machine drive systems and control software in foreign countries, so adjusting these control parameters is no longer a problem.

4. Control inertia change

Due to the difference in the quality of the optics and the pen, the high-precision laser cutting device control inertia changes, and the life of the components of the plotter is shortened due to the always overload drive. This problem is actually the simplest, and it is enough to redesign the optical path, machinery, and control system according to the specific values.


What are Advantages of High-precision Laser Cutting Machines?

In fact, most of these problems are caused by the early domestic high-precision laser cutting machines manufacturers to save money by simply plotting the plotter. The key problem in this way is that the long-term work is within a certain distance, causing the wear of the mechanical system of the laser cutting machine and affecting the accuracy of the system. But the advantages of this scanning method cannot be ignored.

1. The high-precision laser cutting machines movement part of the ball screw and belt is a linear execution system, which makes it easy to achieve 1:1 accurate output. Scanning methods such as voltmeters or rotating mirrors of high-precision laser cutting machines require the use of F-Theta field mirrors. After the angle transformation, it becomes a nonlinear relationship. Achieving a 1:1 accurate output is not an easy task.

2. Since changing the size of the light guide high-precision laser cutting machines system only changes the inertia of the system, you can compensate for this by adding a drive motor. For high power situations, especially when a metal lens is required, the method of using an ammeter and mirror scanning is irreplaceable.


EKS Laser believes that the high-precision laser cutting machines are not good or bad according to different regular brands. It only depends on the customer's reaction to goods in the market, and the customer's evaluation and reputation for laser cutting machines. Whether the high-precision laser cutting device has been approved by the customer and can be vigorously promoted and produced? Whether the high-precision laser cutting machines, Fiber Laser Cutting Machines, High Power Laser Cutting Machines can be developed in the market for a long time? Only in this we can we achieve the goal of lofty!

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