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What are the best high power laser cutting machines?

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If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools. A good high-power laser cutting machine can help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, and seize advanced position in the fierce market competition. All consumers want to buy the number one high-power laser cutting machine, but before that, as a professional producer, we must tell you what is the best high-power laser cutting machine.


Here comes the context:

1. What are Superiorities of High-power Laser Cutting Machines?

2. What can Best High-power Laser Cutting Machines Do for You?

3. What will Best High-power laser Cutting Machines be Like in the Future?


What are Superiorities of High-power Laser Cutting Machines?

As we all know, any new progressing craft can be recognized by the public, and it is rapidly developed, and it is inevitably different from the traditional craft. What advantages does high-power laser cutting equipment have?

1. Little material loss

Laser cutting machines have high cutting precision and high dimensional accuracy. The incisions are smooth and clean, without burrs, and the material loss is relatively small.

2. Small heat-affected zone

The laser cutting machines have a little heat-affected zone with little thermal deformation. The non-oxidation process can help to reach high-quality, more consistent parts, which is especially beneficial for subsequent automatic welding.

3. High efficiency

High-power laser cutters have high cutting efficiency and can be mass produced. All laser cutting operation can be integrated into the same unit as a continuous operation, greatly reducing logistics time. Some materials require traditional machining methods that require very bulky fittings, while high-power laser cutters can be positioned very simply, which makes batch processing possible.

4. Flexibility

How can a high-power laser cutting machine be flexible? It is almost how to cut it. It can cut no matter what shape that has been programmed on the material you need, and the laser can be done in any direction. The appearance processed by laser cutting machines can be flexibly and quickly changed by computer programming. The high flexibility of high-power laser cutters provides a strong technical support for more and more individual processing, thus reducing the number of molds used.


What can Best High-power Laser Cutting Machines Do for You?

With the rise of high-power laser cutting machines, the introduction of laser cutting machines technology by various companies has enabled them to develop rapidly, and fully demonstrates the flexible production capability, process design capability and precision manufacturing capabilities of laser cutting cutters. It can meet the processing requirements for multiple varieties, multiple batches, small batches, non-standard and high precision.


In the past, the cost of a single device casing was as high as hundreds of thousands. Although the processing of complex equipment casings and other mechanical parts in large quantities was only a ten-day cycle. However, the development and production of molds should be carried out for several months, and it is necessary to repeat the mold repair with poor accuracy.


Nowadays, it is an era of creation, product update is fast, small batch production has become the mainstream mode of high-power laser cutters production. In this mode, the application of high-power laser cutting machines greatly saves the mold opening, as well as the cost of secondary processing, shortening the production cycle. This is not possible to other hardware processing and die stamping. It is reported that after the laser cutting machine is put into use, it saves billions of yuan in funds for the sheet metal processing industry every year.


What will Best High-power laser Cutting Machines be Like in the Future?

Under the pressure of foreign brands, in recent years, the market competition of high-power laser cutting machine industry has shown the characteristics of high-end products and large-scale enterprises. The outstanding enterprises in the domestic laser field have risen strongly. EKS LASER and other large and powerful laser cutting machines companies have vigorously developed scientific research, independently developed core optical technology, broke the monopoly of foreign technology, and gradually gained advantages in the market.


The core technology of laser cutting machines is hard power. From the perspective of the industrial chain, the strong rise of laser cutting machines companies with R&D capabilities and independent core optical technologies is inevitable.


China's high-power laser cutting machine technology represented by EKS LASER Fiber Laser Cutting Machines has reached the leading level and ranks among the best in the world. Our Metal tube sheet Laser Cutting Machines is operating strongly and steadily around the world. If you are interested in our equipment, please contact us for more information.

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