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What can be cut with high power laser cutting machines?

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With the development of the laser industry, the entire laser cutting equipment has also entered the craft market. Metal high-power laser cutting machines are free from long-term dependence on foreign countries and are widely used in various fields eventually. You can even use laser cutting machines at home, but be sure to pay attention to safety.


Here comes the context:

1. What can Be Cut with High-power Laser Cutting Machines?

2. What are Components of High-power Laser Cutting Machines?

3. How to Cut with High-power Laser Cutting Machines?


What can Be Cut with High power Laser Cutting Machines?

1. Decoration product

Because the metal high-power laser cutting machines is fast and flexible, it can quickly form many complicated graphics, which is very popular among decoration companies. As long as it is required by the customer, after editing the drawings through the computer, the relevant profile can be directly cut out, and there is no difficulty if the customer requests customization.

2. Automotive product

High-power laser cutters are also needed in many places in the automotive business, such as front cover, automotive sheet metal, which need to be processed after forming some extra corners or burrs. If manual operation is used, efficiency and accuracy are difficult to achieve the desired standard.

3. Advertising product

No matter what the word is, no matter how many different companies, no matter how peculiar the customer's needs are, the orders can always be quickly produced by high-power laser cutters.


What are Components of High-power Laser Cutting Machines?

1. Servo motor

It is related to the cutting accuracy of laser cutting machines. Some suppliers choose to import servo motors, some are made in joint venture factories, which are quite various types, which will affect the progress construction of laser cutting machines.

2. Laser lens

It is related to the power of high-power laser cutters. The price difference between domestic and imported parts is large, and the difference in use effect and service life is also great. Of course, there are also domestic laser lenses that are better than foreign ones.

3. Laser tube

This is the heart of high-power laser cutting equipment. Due to the high price of imported laser tubes, it is generally around tens of thousands of yuan. Most domestic laser cutting machines use domestic laser tubes. The quality and price of domestic laser tubes are also different. The service life of laser tubes of good high-power laser cutting equipment is usually about 3,000 hours.

4. Mechanical assembly quality

Some manufacturers use very thin iron plates to make the chassis of metal laser cutting machines to reduce costs, which is not normally seen by users, but over time, the frame will be deformed and affected. Cutting precision of metal laser cutting machines.

A good metal laser cutting machine should be framed, welded with high-quality steel, and made of high-quality cold-rolled steel. When the user purchases the machine, it can be judged whether the quality is good or bad by checking whether the frame structure is used and the thickness and strength of the outer shell iron piece.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

5. Machine function

Some people familiar with laser cutting machines are sighing that the current laser cutting machine configuration has increased too much, and the price has decreased compared with a few years ago. How satisfied! But some people say, don't be fooled by those shiny external things. If compared with the reliability and convenience of maintenance services, many new devices are not as good as the previous years.


How to cut with High-power Laser Cutting Machines?

In the operation of the laser cutting machine, safety is the first place whether it is production or processing. Especially in the operation of metal laser cutting machines, once an accident occurs, whether it is personnel safety, equipment or processing, there will always be one side affected. How to cut with high power laser cutting machines?

1. Before the metal laser cutting machine is turned on, the operator needs to follow the operating instructions according to the instructions and strictly follow the shortcut.

2. Before the equipment is turned on, it is necessary to determine whether the processed materials can be processed by a laser cutting machine to avoid accidents.

3. After the equipment is turned on, the operator cannot leave the post privately. Even if there are special circumstances to leave the post, you need to seek for someone to replace it, or turn off the equipment.

4. When the metal laser cutting machine is under working, laser protective glasses must be worn.

5. We need to place the fire extinguisher at the touch of the processing site to avoid accidents and can be touched for the first time.

6. Keep the metal laser cutting machine processing place clean, clean and orderly.

7. After using, a positioning check is required to confirm that the machine is fault free.


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