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What is high power laser cutting machine used for?

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The shining point of flexible processing of laser cutting machine replaces the formal metal processing method. This metal laser cutting machines craft has been widely popularized, and the price of which is no longer difficult for ordinary people to pay. For this reason, many SMEs have also participated in the application exploration of laser cutting machines, and now this field has become very broad.


Here comes the context:

1. What is High-power Laser Cutting MachinesApplication in All-aluminum Furniture?

2. What is Development of High-power Laser Cutting Machines in Fitness Industry?

3. Why can High-power Laser Cutting Machines Be So Popular?


What is High-power Laser Cutting Machines Application in All-aluminum Furniture?

In recent years, all-aluminum furniture is gradually growing in the furniture industry with its unique advantages and metallic appearance. All-aluminum furniture, as its name suggests, is made of aluminum. The aluminum is high in the earth's crust, easy to obtain and easy to form, and easier to process than wood.


At the same time, aluminum is used as the furniture material, which can avoid the defects of the wood itself, is better than the wood furniture in the finished product effect, and is more durable, can adapt to various environmental temperatures, and you will not have worried about deformation. The most important thing is that aluminum furniture is fixed by welding, plugging, screws, etc. It does not contain adhesives and there is no need to worry about formaldehyde.


With the expansion of demand, the market puts higher requirements on the processing efficiency of aluminum sheets. The metal high-power laser cutting machines are characterized by convenient and efficient processing. Therefore, metal laser cutting machines are more widely used in the field of metal processing, and can be cut. The thickness of the metal is also increasing with the increase in the power of the laser cutting machines. An all-aluminum furniture sheet is just a piece of cake for a high-power laser cutter.


What is Development of High-power Laser Cutting Machines in Fitness Industry?

With the gradual rise of the national fitness campaign, the people are no longer just pursuing entertainment, leisure or catering, but more and more attention to health. Although it is not an era of physical strength, more and more people have entered the fitness center, which is another manifestation of the improvement of people's quality of life.


Sports fitness equipment technology is a rising star of high-power laser cutters implantation. Due to the large amount of pipe processing in the area, the use of a large number of pipes, less profile metal progressing, and often need to use pipe cutting and stamping progress, high-efficiency, high-power laser cutter is very necessary. It cuts pipes of all shapes and deals with arbitrarily complex curves on the pipe surface, regardless of the difficulty and length of the pipe.


Metal laser cutting machines developed for the sports and fitness industry, which can cut a variety of distinct apperances without color or pattern restrictions. The cut material does not need to be reworked, so the production schedule will be greatly shortened, so metal laser cutting machines create unlimited value for the company.


Why can High-power Laser Cutting Machines Be So Popular?

The threshold of laser cutting machine has been rapidly reduced, and the progress of localization has accelerated. Private laser cutting machine enterprises have risen and international brands have taken root. With the acceleration of transformation and upgrading, metal laser cutting machines have accumulated amazing popularity. There are two main reasons for this.

1. Easy to edit

High-power laser cutting equipment is controlled by CNC system and is one of its core advantages. First of all, accuracy and flexibility are ensured. The high-power laser cutting equipment technology can process any shape that has been programmed and can be cut in any direction. The shape of the template of high-power laser cutters can be changed quickly without the help of any tools. Even at the last minute, the design can be modified without affecting the entire production process.

2. Easy to control

The greater benefit is that end users can control short or medium production of high-power laser cutters without having to create a large number of templates, which allows high-power laser cutters for faster response to customer needs and makes it possible to personalize.


When it comes to the topic of individuation, you are ought to acquire what speed of high-power laser cutting equipment you need in deed. Different materials of the same thickness require different speeds and precision, so as distinct thickness requirements to the same material. EKS LASER provides you with definite data form our trustworthy tests, if you want to know Fiber Laser Cutting Machines, just follow us!

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