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What is the accuracy of fiber laser cutting machine?

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The positioning accuracy and repeatability of different brands of fiber laser cutting machines are not the same, but since they are all fiber laser cutting machines, the requirements in this aspect are always relatively high. Perhaps such a general introduction is too inconspicuous, and the accuracy-related applications of fiber laser cutters are described below.


Here comes the context:

1. What are Use of Accurate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

2. What are Causes of Decreased Precision of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

3. How to Check Status of Laser Cutting Machine?


What are the Usages of Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

The laser cutting machine can do several stations to be worked at the same time, cut the previous profiles, switch to the next profile for cutting without need for human operation, or another large-scale laser cutting machine, which can properly cutting a large range of equipment, put a few steel plates or even more steel plates on the work platform unmannerly worked.


Fiber laser cutting machines also have an important capability, which is the acquisition of new energy sources in the deep sea. According to the survey, the stone can be cut and pulverized using a 5000W fiber laser cutting machines. Compared with the conventional way, the fiber laser cutting machines penetrated the hole deeper, which can reduce damage and increase production. At present, fiber laser cutting machines are already widely used in the industrial field, and due to their productivity and cost advantages, they have gradually replaced other types of lasers.


What are the Reasons for Reduction Precision of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

When we use the fiber laser cutting machine to work, we always want to cut the cut product to the most accurate, then we must first understand what will make the accuracy of the fiber laser cutting machine decline.

1. Improper programming can result in discontinuities in template cutting.

The head of fiber laser cutting is very close to the surface of the profile during cutting. When cutting many parts of the steel plate, the fiber laser cutting machines program marks and then cuts by default, so as not to cause the cutting head to collide with the cut metal parts, causing unnecessary damage to the cutting head and the machine tool. If the closed area is not closed when the fiber laser cutting machines program is programmed, the partial steel plate is connected to the whole after cutting, and the manual cutting is extremely easy to damage the template and cause scrapping.

2. The gas exchange of the assistant gas during the laser cutting work also causes the discontinuity of the cutting.

During the working, the assistant gas mainly blows the molten metal out of the slit, and the fiber laser cutting device automatically stops moving when the assistant gas is used. After the gas is replaced, the cutting is continued, so that the cutting trajectory is slightly different from the trajectory when the program is in error, resulting in discontinuity of the cutting trajectory.


How to Check Status of Laser Cutting Machine?

When it comes to take use of fiber laser cutting machine to work, to achieve the ideal cutting speed, cutting effect, we need to acquire knowledge of the use of fiber laser cutting machine device, in order to better play the effectiveness of the equipment, improve the efficiency of the equipment.

1. Keeps steel belt tight at all times

Fiber laser cutting devices are made of steel. If the equipment is not tightened during operation, it will cause the cut objects to break out of the track. There are safety hazards to the equipment and operators. Therefore, the steel belt should be inspected frequently, and no foreign objects or looseness can occur.

2. Check the tool angle

In the progress of using the fiber laser cutting machine, it is necessary to adjust the angle of the cutting head in time to cut different profiles, so as to ensure that the cutting head does not have deviation, thereby affecting the pass rate of the cutting sample and increasing the cost.

3. Lubricated frequently

Cutting machine parts such as guide rails and racks need to be lubricated frequently to ensure flexible operation between components.


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