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What is the process of fiber laser cutting machine?

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The innovation of laser cutting machine greatly enhances the accuracy of laser working. The limit cutting speed of all kinds of profile has been able to challenge the limit of mechanical properties. If you are or want to be a fiber laser cutting devices user, you can't miss out on information on how to do fiber laser cutting machines.


Here comes the context:

1. How to Easily Cut Materials with Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

2. How to Process with Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Correctly?

3. Why Should Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Take Annealing Process?


How to Cut Materials with Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Easily?

As we all know, it is a very complicated technical work to turn raw materials into exquisite finished goods. During craft of fiber laser cutting machines there are many steps, such as cutting, folding, curving and other mechanical crafting. Among them, fiber laser cutting machines technology is a relatively important craft, there are many traditional crafting methods, may need an experienced master to spend several months to complete; But if you give it to a fiber-optic laser cutter, it can be mass-produced and delivered to you in a few days.

1. Common edge cutting typesetting

Not only greatly reduces the stroke of the laser cutting machine, but also saves the cutting consumables, and uses only one drill hole to complete the continuous cutting of multiple parts, which improves the craft efficiency and saves the profile.

2. Oxygen-assisted gas

The principle of fiber laser cutting equipment is to use a ray of enough power to melt the surface of the profile metal to achieve the cutting effect. If a supplementary gas is used, the working of the metal oxide can be increased to a melt state, thereby improving the cutting efficiency.

3. Cutting programming mode

The programming method of fiber laser cutting machine is more focused on contributing to how to enhance the cutting speed and cutting efficiency, which is not possible with traditional cutting methods. Through the special computer software drawing, the cutting paths of multiple parts are connected together, so that the laser cutting machine can complete the cutting of the whole steel plate with only one hole.


How to Process with Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Correctly?

A laser cutting machine is a device that converts electrical energy into laser energy. The internal structure is relatively complex, involving light, machinery, electricity, computer and other disciplines and fields. Although fiber laser cutting machine require less of the environment than other types of laser cutting machine, they must also ensure that the environment meets the requirements and that their own protection measures effectively protect them. If there are omissions in starting sequence of fiber laser cutting machines, chassis seal, water temperature setting and other aspects, the internal laser-cooled electronics and optical devices will cause fiber laser cutting machines surface condensation due to internal and external temperature differences, thereby reducing the performance of the laser, and even damaging the laser.

The fiber laser cutting machine housing is sealed and is equipped with a housing air conditioner or water eliminator. The goal is to ensure that the chassis components are in a relatively stable, safe temperature condition. If the chassis is not sealed, hot humid air outside the chassis may enter the chassis. When encountering water-cooled components inside of fiber laser cutting machines, the surface may condense, causing possible damage.

Because the laser cutting machine case cannot be completely sealed, when the power is cut off at night, the air conditioner in the case stops running. If the room is not air-conditioned or the air-conditioner is not working at night, the hot air from the outside will gradually penetrate into the chassis.


Why Should Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Take Annealing Process?

The so-called annealing process is to heat the workpiece to a certain degree and keep it at the certain degree for a while, then let it slowly cool. This is called annealing, in order to eliminate tissue defects, contribute to the structure stability, and enhance physical capability of the fiber laser cutting machine workpiece. At the same time, it can reduce the hardness, enhance the plasticity and toughness of the fiber laser cutting machine, and enhance the cutting performance. Therefore, annealing is to prepare for the subsequent work in order to eliminate and enhance the structural defects and internal stress left in the previous work.

The necessary action contributes to the physical characteristic of laser cutting machine. It can effectively avoid the construction defects of the machine and is of vital significance to extend the service life of the equipment. Therefore, the annealing craft of laser cutting machine is essential.


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