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What will happen to the future of fiber laser cutting machines?

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With the upgrading of industrial automation, industrial production puts higher demands on precision, efficiency and reliability, and more advanced and efficient processing tools are indispensable. In this context, the cost-effective advantages of laser equipment have become more apparent. The laser cutting machine has the characteristics of processing controllable, high efficiency and high quality, and has a very wide application in industrial processing, such as automobile industry, textile machinery, sheet metal processing and so on. Of course, fiber laser cutting machines are also a rising machine with obvious advantages. What will happen to its future development? Let's analyze its development prospects.


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Development status

Development trend

In conclusion


Development status


(1) Laser cutting machine realizes the epoch-making product revolution

With the development of them for many years, high-power CO2 laser cutting machines have fallen into the abyss of severe decline. The cutting-edge cutting machine accounts for the global laser with its higher cutting efficiency, lower operating cost and wider cutting range the center of the cutting machine stage.


(2) High, medium and low power fiber laser cutting machines go hand in hand

With the development of it, high power carbon dioxide has fallen into the abyss of serious recession. The cutting-edge cutting machine occupies the leading position of the global laser because of its high cutting efficiency, low operating cost and wide cutting range the center of the cutting machine table.


(3) The degree of automation of the laser cutting machine is significantly improved

The laser cutter is striding towards automation. It can be used to automatically reduce the labor intensity, reduce the number of labor, shorten the standby time, and even achieve unattended operation, such as automatic feeding, automatic feeding, automatic slagging, automatic feeding and other auxiliary units. The laser cutting operation thus comprehensively improves the application rate of it.


Development trend


High-power fiber lasers will become the main force in the laser cutting machine market

At the moment, the fiber cutting machines in each power range have ushered in great development. However, high-power fiber lasers are one of the important development directions of fiber with higher power, higher precision and greater cutting capability.


The era of intelligence will come comprehensively

Whether it is Germany's Industry 4.0 or China's smart manufacturing, the fourth industrial revolution in the industrial sector is quietly coming. As a high-precision CNC laser cutting machine, it will be synchronized with the times and with technology. The automation of it has greatly improved the production capacity and automation level of sheet metal workshops.


In conclusion


Due to the late start of laser technology in China, the cutting core technology relies on imports, which has led to the slow development of high-end laser cutting in China. However, in recent years, with the promotion of “Made in China 2025”, laser cutting technology is also facing changes and opportunities. The change means that laser companies must not only increase investment in cutting technology, but also adapt to the trend of industrial automation, making laser cutting machines, High Power Laser Cutting Machines, High Precision Laser Cutting Machines more personalized. At the same time, laser companies will also have greater opportunities, laser cutting technology is improving industrial processing. There is an irreplaceable advantage in efficiency. The development of industrial control technology has brought more possibilities to the laser industry. The cutting technology will expand to more fields in the future and contribute to the development of the industry.

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