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When was the high-power laser cutting machine invented?

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As early as half a century ago, humans invented laser cutting machines, but it was only in recent years that it entered the daily life of the people. In response to new demands from customers for the precision and thickness of metal cutting, the high-power laser cutting machine is now becoming more and more technical. Reviewing its development path will also help us in the future research of high-power laser cutting machines.


Here comes the context:

1. When was High-power Laser Cuttings Machine Invented?

2. What will be Development of High-power Laser Cuttings Machine?

3. Why Should You Buy Homebred High-power Laser Cuttings Machine?


When was High-power Laser Cuttings Machine Invented?

On July 7, 1960, Mehman announced the birth of the world's first laser. Mehman's solution was to use a high-strength flash tube to stimulate the ruby. This is the predecessor of the high-power laser cutting machine. After a generation of product improvement, we finally got the new laser cutting equipment. Traditional flame cutting and CNC punching machines are contact type processing methods, which have great damage to materials, and the quality of cutting is very low.


It is necessary to undergo secondary processing to make the surface flat, and the precision of cutting is highly variable. The laser cutting machine is a non-contact mechanic. The damage to the material is almost zero. Because the laser cutting machine uses advanced accessories, the equipment is more stable during operation, the cutting precision is more accurate, and the error even reaches the accuracy of 0.01mm. The cut surface is smooth and smooth. For some demanding industries, not only saves costs but also saves processing time.


What will be Development of High-power Laser Cuttings Machine?

After more than 30 years of development, the development of the high-power laser cutting machine industry has achieved a qualitative leap. As the market demand continues to expand, the laser cutting machine market is getting hotter and hotter.

Cutting materials as the basic equipment for metal processing, the current common cutting methods mainly contain flame cutting and laser cutting technology. High-power laser cutting equipment has outstanding advantages compared with flame cutting, and is expected to replace the punching machine as the mainstream cutting equipment.


It can be said that in the future metal processing market, high-power laser cutting machine is the absolute protagonist. With the continuous breakthrough of technology, higher power, thicker plates and faster speeds are the general trend. Can you still be tempted by such an all-round processing tool?


Why Should You Buy Homebred High-power Laser Cuttings Machine?

Now is a society that emphasizes efficiency. Everything needs to be fast and good, which is also increased in the cutting of materials. Traditional cutting machines have been gradually eliminated by the market because of heavy operation and low work efficiency. Because this machine not only has more uniform and high precision on the cutting of the line, it can also improve work efficiency and bring more production value. High-power laser cutting machines are the darling of the current market. In general, imported high-power laser cutters tend to be more expensive, but the following will tell you that our domestic products are also worth a look.

1. Price superiority

First of all, the domestic metal laser cutting machine has obvious price advantages, and the domestic laser cutting machine does not have various tariff burdens. With the increasingly mature domestic laser research and development technology, more and more consumers are more willing to choose the domestic metal laser cutting machine brand, which are becoming more and more popular.

2. Service superiority

Secondly, the equipment and configuration performance of domestic laser cutting machine manufacturers can be compared with foreign countries, and even surpass the development of technology. In addition, the most convenient domestic laser cutting machine is after-sales service, which may take up to one month in foreign countries, but only 24 hours in China.


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