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how to buy fiber laser cutting machines?

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It is not a fiber laser cutting equipment supplier who can purchase fiber laser cutting devices by purchasing lasers and other components, but when they are tempted by low, many consumers will be fooled. If you don't know how to choose a good fiber laser cutting machine, then this article is tailor-made for you.


Here comes the context:

1. How to Choose High-precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

2. How to buy fiber laser cutting machines?

3. Why are you spending your time on choosing fiber laser cutting machine?


How to Choose High-precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

For each consumer, in order to achieve more effective use of the fiber laser cutting equipment in the process of selection, it is necessary It is a very wise decision to make the right choices and judgments and complete the transaction between the two parties at a reasonable price. When you are buying a fiber laser cutting equipment, you need to know that the fiber cutting machine is very necessary.

1. The laser beam of fiber laser cutting equipment is tapered, so the slit is tapered. In this case, the thinner profile will be much smaller than the thicker slit. Therefore, the shape of laser beam is the main factor affecting the cutting precision of metal laser cutting machine. Under this conical laser beam condition, the greater the thickness of the workpiece, the lower the precision, so the larger the slit.

2. When conical fiber laser cutting equipment beams are clustered together, the smaller the beam, the higher the precision of laser cutting, especially the width of fiber laser cutting machine. It gets smaller and smaller. At this time, the minimum spot can reach 0.01mm. This is one of the factors that affect the cutting precision of laser cutting machine.

3. Under such circumstances, the cutting precision of fiber laser cutting machines of distinct profiles is also slightly distinct. Even with the same profile, the precision of the cut will vary if the composition of the profile is distinct. Therefore, the workpiece profile also has a certain influence on the laser cutting accuracy.

4. The accuracy of the fiber laser cutting machine table, if the workbench is uneven or other reasons, it will lead to low-precision laser cutting effect.


How to buy fiber laser cutting machines?

Fiber laser cutting machines of different powers are essentially neither good nor bad, but there are some differences in accessories. Expensive is not necessarily the best, but cheap must have a bad place. Suitable for their own is the best, do not always think of a low price to buy high-configuration machines.

1. From perspective of personal

This refers to the user who buys the laser cutting machine. First of all, be sure not to try to buy the best things at the lowest price at any time. This is unrealistic. The laser cutting machine manufacturer must open the door to do business. When you are not sure about the price, you can consult the survey first, and the price should be counted. You must fully consider the reasons for some low-cost equipment, refurbishment, second-hand, parallel imports are possible, and in either case, the user will suffer great losses. So don't try to buy the same or even better fiber laser cutters at below market prices.

2. From perspective of machine equipment capabilities

A versatile device is not necessarily the best. After all, there is too much omnipotence and it may not be so good in some aspects. It is also difficult for personal operation. After all, the more powerful the function is, the more complicated the operation is. For those who have just started using laser cutting machine equipment, it is enough to buy a fiber laser cutting equipment that can meet your requirements to the greatest extent.

Don't be afraid of trouble, run a few field trips. For those what don't understand, be sure to find out, especially for after-sales, transportation, training and other aspects.

3. From perspective of manufacturers

Actually, the reliable laser cutting machine manufacturers understand their positioning. If you are going to buy a laser cutting machine, then you have to understand whether you want to find a factory direct sale, or to find a dealer, is to go to the field to find or buy nearby.


Why are you spending your time on choosing fiber laser cutting machine?

In today's market, there are all kinds of products, because there are consumers' needs, in order to meet their needs, they need to process such products, so that they can achieve the cooperation relationship between the two sides and realize the balance. For the same fiber laser cutting equipment, it will also have different brands, with different use advantages and use effects.


Winning by quality is king. Quality is the premise of all development. Without the guarantee of quality, any development can only be a fantasy. In the fiber laser cutting machine industry, if the quality is exchanged for the advantage of price, such vicious competition will cause the inferior products in the laser cutting machine to be mixed, which will cause damage to the users, and it is not beneficial to the brand establishment of the laser cutting machine enterprise.


After reading this article, you should know that buying laser cutting machines must not be afraid of trouble. If you look at the factory and listen to the business, it is better to look at the equipment yourself, and you don’t want to take advantage of the small price. The most important thing is to look at the fiber. Laser cutting devices manufacturers have no perfect after-sales service. EKS Laser is at your service, just for your favorite fiber laser cutters, High Power Laser Cutting Machines, High Precision Laser Cutting Machines.

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