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How to ask for better laser tube cutting machine?

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Even though laser tube cutters have achieved accurate and efficient machining results, we always welcome better machine experience. What is the purpose of laser tube cutting machine? How to make the best effect of laser tube cutting machine?


What is a laser tube cutting machine?

Machine shops across the country need to be able to cut metal accurately and consistently every day. Laser cutting machines have been around for a long time, providing clean and accurate cutting of a wide range of materials. One specialized form of laser cutting is laser tube cutting - as the name suggests, it is optimized for cutting cylindrical objects.


Why are laser tube cutting machines popular?

Laser tube cutting machine can reduce the secondary operation of cutting tube. Cutting a pipe with a physical blade usually leaves metal chips and defects at the cutting edges. These problems require additional cleaning and molding processes to prepare pipes for any purpose.However, when using laser tube cutters with splash protection, not only are the edges almost perfect, but slag from the cutting process can be collected and kept out of the cut tube. This eliminates the need for both processes.While traditional laser cutters can also create clean cuts, they are not designed to accommodate tubes, which means you have to cut a flat piece of metal and pass it through a drum or bender (depending on whether you want a round or square look). You can cut tubular objects directly by using a laser tube cutter.


Laser tube cutting machine has stronger tube end. In addition to producing a smoother cut, another advantage of using a laser tube cutter is that no mechanical force is applied to the cut. Typically, a CNC punch or other machine USES a physical force to break through the material being cut, stressing the surrounding material and weakening it slightly. Using a laser cutter helps ensure that the pipe at the cutting point is stronger than it would be with a physical cutting tool.


Diversity of cutting process. CNC machines can provide high control and precision for many tasks - and CNC controlled laser cutting is no exception. Laser tube cutting machine is not simply vertical cutting, but can use Angle cutting, groove, etching, bevel cutting and so on according to the equipment.While traditional laser cutters can do many of these tasks, they are not optimized for cylindrical objects.Laser tube cutting machines can fill the niche. If your machining shop handles a large number of custom shapes or cut pipe requirements, using laser tube cutters can fill this niche well. Because laser tube cutters are optimized for this process, they can help increase the efficiency and yield of custom cut tubes.


Laser tube cutting machine achieves low maintenance cutting. Physical cutters need frequent repairs and repairs because their tools wear out quickly. The laser cutting machine, however, had little wear. In fact, if you use a solid-state laser tube cutter (which means using solid objects to focus the laser) instead of a gas-based laser cutter, you can run the laser for thousands of hours with almost no maintenance.Of course, the physical mechanism of the moving laser or workpiece still needs to be maintained regularly.


How to pursue better laser tube cutting machine?

Store layout. The layout of your store can make or implement the most efficient production plan. The more time your parts spend in transit or waiting for delivery to the next operation, the less productive you will be and the effect may be broken. This may seem common sense, but sometimes this layout is not taken into account when initially installing the device. When a piecemeal approach to shop design is found to be inefficient, it is often necessary to redesign the entire shop layout. Equipment movements, especially lasers and automated systems, can paralyze stores and halt production for weeks.


The basic goal of layout is to ensure the smooth flow of work, materials, parts and information through the system. Understanding the overall workshop flow can help materials move efficiently. Effective material requirements planning (MRP) can work like a global positioning system (GPS). When traffic is heavy, the process can be reconfigured and adjusted to ensure that your parts arrive at their destination on time.


Maintenance. It cannot be overemphasized that if your laser tube cutter is not maintained or working properly, the whole process may crash in an instant. For some manufacturers, laser maintenance is a given. For others, laser maintenance is invisible. Manufacturers often feel more pressure to maintain uptime rather than schedule maintenance downtime. They don't go into troubleshooting mode until they encounter problems with speed or accuracy. If you do not grasp the recommended maintenance activities, the equipment operator will not be able to improve efficiency in case of problems. Any number of variables can cause problems, and valuable cutting time is lost while searching for the cause.


Today, the manufacture of laser tube cutting machines makes it easier for you to maintain health. For example, a controller with a complete list of maintenance options could be built into a laser cutter. You can schedule and set up maintenance systems that make sense for your production schedule. The controller also stores comments, dates, and historical data for quick reference in the future.


The programming. Programming and automating materials and parts handling is very important to improve workshop efficiency. With the introduction of fiber laser cutting machines and the need to double or even triple production, automation has become necessary. A store that manually unloads cutting paper may produce a much different output than one that USES an automated system.


There are many ways to get better results, but the first important thing is to choose a standard laser tube cutter for yourself. If you are looking for a rugged, high quality and reasonably priced laser tube cutting machine, the EKS Laser company can provide you with the best products.


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