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How to improve your laser tube cutting machine parts?

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Laser tube cutting machine is recognized by the industry as a precise and fast processing machine, but people are always looking for something better. What should we do if we want to make the use of laser tube cutting machine better? In addition, laser tube cutting machine has shortcomings?


What do you need to know about laser tube cutting machine?

Laser tube cutters are very fast and accurate computer controlled cutters that offer numerous benefits to a variety of manufacturers for cutting metal plates, sheets and pipes. In many cases, they are your best bet. Cutting pipe to achieve the power to cut to the bottom, and the length of accurate, no coke edge. Laser tube cutting machine can solve the problem of tube cutting very well.


Why should you consider using a laser tube cutter?

1. Laser cutting is a very precise cutting technique.

2. Due to the small thermal impact zone, the risk of material deformation is limited.

3. Laser cutting is a very fast and efficient cutting process.

4. Laser tube cutters are highly automated computer-controlled machines that limit the need for operator interfaces - unmanned systems.

5. Laser tube cutting machine cutting precision and precision produce very narrow incisions, providing more tightly nested parts, thereby minimizing material waste.

6. Laser tube cutting machine will not produce toxic smoke when cutting.


What kind of manufacturing work makes a laser tube cutter meet its limits?

While laser cutters can provide a fast, versatile and accurate way to cut pipes, plates and plates, there are some limitations:

1. Laser tube cutter is usually used for cutting without bevel. As a result, many laser cutting machines either do not have the cutting ability, or the ability is not the main focus.

2. Laser tube cutters are very expensive and the investment is high enough that a single production shift is not enough to allow manufacturers to achieve a quick return on investment (ROI).

3. Laser tube cutters are becoming more and more common, and there are more and more workshops with laser cutters in any given manufacturing field. As a result, the market has become more competitive, leading to lower outsourcing costs and making the return on any purchased investment more difficult to repay.


4. The cost of laser tube cutting machine is relatively high for the following reasons:

5. The cost of buying laser cutting machines is high. Higher energy consumption. Higher operating costs. Although the productivity of thinner materials can be very high, laser cutting efficiency decreases as the material thickness increases. Laser tube cutters often require people with higher technology and expertise to perform often more complex maintenance tasks.


How to improve laser tube cutting machine parts?

Store layout. The layout of your store can make or implement the most efficient production plan. The more time your parts spend in transit or waiting for delivery to the next operation, the less productive you will be and the effect may be broken.This may seem common sense, but sometimes this layout is not taken into account when initially installing the device. When a piecemeal approach to shop design is found to be inefficient, it is often necessary to redesign the entire shop layout. Equipment movements, especially lasers and automated systems, can paralyze stores and halt production for weeks.


Maintenance. It cannot be overemphasized that if your machine is not maintained or working properly, the whole process may crash in an instant. For some manufacturers, laser maintenance is a given. For others, laser maintenance is invisible. Manufacturers often feel more pressure to maintain uptime rather than schedule maintenance downtime. They don't go into troubleshooting mode until they encounter problems with speed or accuracy.If you do not grasp the recommended maintenance activities, the equipment operator will not be able to improve efficiency in case of problems. Any number of variables can cause problems, and valuable cutting time is lost while searching for the cause.


Today, the manufacture of laser tube cutting machines makes it easier for you to maintain health. For example, a controller with a complete list of maintenance options can be built into a laser machine. You can schedule and set up maintenance systems that make sense for your production schedule. The controller also stores comments, dates, and historical data for quick reference in the future.


The programming. Programming and automating materials and parts handling is very important to improve workshop efficiency. With the introduction of laser tube cutting machines and the need to double or even triple production, automation has become necessary. A store that manually unloads cutting paper may produce a much different output than one that USES an automated system.


Laser tube cutters have many obvious advantages, and knowing how to improve its parts can give you better results. If you are looking for a rugged, high quality and reasonably priced laser tube cutting machine, the EKS Laser can provide you with the best products.


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