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Is laser tube cutting machine right for you?

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Laser tube cutting machines are now playing an important role in metal processing and other industries. Why do manufacturing workshops want to use laser tube cutters? What are the benefits of being able to provide laser tube cutting services? Is the laser tube cutting machine really suitable for you?


Product functions of laser tube cutting machine


1. Laser cutting can be applied to all new product designs. Innovative and complex designs are easy to use for laser machining, allowing products to be more powerful, more aesthetically pleasing, and generally lighter in weight without sacrificing strength. Laser tube cutting machine is good at supporting tube assembly process. Special laser cutting function makes it easy to bend or connect, which can greatly simplify welding and assembly, and help to reduce product cost.

2. Laser tube cutters allow operators to precisely cut holes and contours in one working step, eliminating redundant parts processing downstream. In one concrete example, the use of lasers for pipe connections instead of sawing, milling, drilling, deburring, and related material treatment reduced manufacturing costs by 30 percent.

3. Through simple programming of computer-aided design drawings, even small batch production or prototype design, parts can be quickly programmed for laser cutting. Laser tube cutting machine can not only process parts quickly, but also set up the shortest time, so you can manufacture parts in time to reduce inventory costs


Potential benefits of using a laser tube cutter


Reduce secondary operation of cutting pipe. Cutting a pipe with a physical blade usually leaves metal chips and defects at the cutting edges. These problems require additional cleaning and molding processes to prepare pipes for any purpose.However, when using laser tube cutters with splash protection, not only are the edges almost perfect, but slag from the cutting process can be collected and kept out of the cut tube. This eliminates the need for both processes.While traditional laser cutters can also create clean cuts, they are not designed to accommodate tubes, which means you have to cut a flat piece of metal and pass it through a drum or bender (depending on whether you want a round or square look). By using a tube cutter, you can cut the tube directly.


In addition to producing a smoother cut, another advantage of using a laser tube cutter is that no mechanical force is applied to the cut. Typically, a CNC punch or other machine USES a physical force to break through the material being cut, stressing the surrounding material and weakening it slightly. Using a laser cutter helps ensure that the pipe at the cutting point is stronger than it would be with a physical cutting tool.CNC machines can provide high control and precision for many tasks - and CNC controlled laser cutting is no exception. Laser tube cutting machine is not simply vertical cutting, but can use Angle cutting, groove, etching, bevel cutting and so on according to the equipment.While traditional laser cutters can do many of these tasks, they are not optimized for cylindrical objects.Laser tube cutting machines can fill the niche. If your machining shop handles a large number of custom shapes or cut pipe requirements, using laser tube cutters can fill this niche well. Because these machines are optimized for this process, they can help increase the efficiency and yield of customized cutting pipes.


Low maintenance cutting. Physical cutters need frequent repairs and repairs because their tools wear out quickly. The laser cutting machine, however, had little wear. In fact, if you use a solid-state laser tube cutter (which means using solid objects to focus the laser) instead of a gas-based laser cutter, you can run the laser for thousands of hours with almost no maintenance.

Of course, the physical mechanism of the moving laser or workpiece still needs to be maintained regularly.


Should I buy a laser tube cutter?


If you are considering buying a laser tube cutter, consider the following:

What kind of laser do I need? Like conventional laser cutting machines, laser tube cutting machines have some different laser cutting options. Common types of lasers include CO 2 cutters and fiber optic laser tube cutters. This will affect the tightness and cutting consistency of the beam. For example, fiber optic laser tube cutters have much smaller beams than CO 2 cutters because they use solids (glass fibers) to amplify and focus the laser rather than gases (CO 2).


Should I buy a new or used laser tube cutting machine? The answer depends on how much specific functionality you need. It might be worth it if the must-have features only apply to new models. Otherwise, stick with used machines from reputable sellers. Used laser tube cutters cost far less than new ones and do the same amount of work with the same level of precision.


What features do I need and what features do I want? When buying laser tube cutting machine, whether new or second-hand, we should consider which function is "essential", which function is "good". "Nice looking" functionality can be beneficial and time saving, but it doesn't have to be critical to your operations. The "must have" feature is essential for performing the most common manufacturing operations. For example, if you need to do a lot of bevel cutting, a machine that can perform such cutting will be a "must have". Otherwise, the feature is just "very useful." Basically, don't get caught up in chasing a set of features you don't really need, because finding a machine with the "good" features you want will cost far more than a more basic machine that meets your most critical needs.


Laser tube cutting machine is "free and clear? If purchased for use, is the machine free of any equipment lien, loan or other obligation that a creditor or other party may claim ownership of? It's important to verify this before paying the price of any used laser tube cutter - otherwise, you'll only have to pay dearly to see the lawyers and some repo people push the machine away after you set it up.This last consideration is definitely worth worrying about, as it is all too common in private party sales for buyers to forget to check and regret later.


As more and more companies invest to meet the expected standards for cutting accuracy and quality, one of the best options available past and present is the laser tube cutter. If you are looking for a rugged, high quality and reasonably priced laser tube cutting machine, the EKS Laser company can provide you with the best products.


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