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Managing maintenance for laser tube cutting machine

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Even the best quality laser tube cutting machine, if not carefully maintained, processing effect will be greatly reduced. What is the method of maintaining laser tube cutting machine? Do you know how to manage the maintenance of laser tube cutting machine?


Method of maintaining laser tube cutting machine


1. The electronic equipment and laser source of the laser tube cutting machine are completely protected by the insulating shell at the back of the machine. No internal parts require user intervention.

2. All optical elements present in the laser cutting machine must be absolutely clean to ensure that your equipment is running correctly and there is no risk of damage to the carving quality.

3. For safety reasons, be sure to unplug the power cord from the power socket before performing any maintenance operations.

4. Visually inspect all optical devices: mirrors, beam Windows, focusing lenses.

5. To retain the optical coating applied to lenses and mirrors, use optical paper and the cleaning solution supplied with the laser machine. Don't use alcohol.

6. To simplify lens cleaning, the lens is fitted in an ergonomic sheath, which means it can be fixed and every surface can be cleaned without touching the lens.

7. Do not touch optical elements with your fingers, as acids in the skin can damage the coating on the optical elements.

8. Always keep in mind that clean laser tube cutting opportunities bring better results. In fact, the accumulation of debris, dust, and other smoke on laser tube cutting machine parts, especially on optical components, can lead to uneven or inaccurate engraving, loss of engraving position, reduced laser power, and premature component damage.

9. Disconnect the power plug before performing any maintenance operation on the laser tube cutter. The key at position 0 must be used to turn off the machine.

10. Use suitable optical paper dipped in acetone cleaner.

11. Avoid alcohol to protect the optical coating on lenses and mirrors.

12. There is no need to remove the focus lens for cleaning.

13. With regard to the control unit, remember to check the protective grille for cooling air circulation regularly. These components must be cleaned to prevent dust buildup and subsequent internal components overheating.

14. In highly polluted environments (oil mist, fine dust, high humidity, high temperature), we recommend that the control unit be placed in a ventilated or air-conditioned cabinet.


This maintenance, while minimal, helps optimize the operation of laser tube cutters, extending the life of their components and reducing the risk of failure.To prevent the risk of production downtime and to obtain expert advice on laser integration, select control checks. This annual review provides you with a general review of integrated solutions and allows you to monitor the performance of laser tube cutters while extending their service life.


How to better manage the maintenance of laser tube cutting machine?


Make wise decision about spare parts and MRO stock. Manufacturers are not interested in keeping large inventories, whether of raw sheet metal or replacement parts. But some machines, such as laser cutters, are part of the store's manufacturing mix. That's why manufacturers need to be smart about which parts to keep.Service level agreements with machine tool manufacturers or third parties are a good way to manage spare parts inventory. This arrangement allows the manufacturer to maintain a small number of key components without storing expensive components that could be damaged or misplaced. The RF tube used in laser cutting machines is a good example. This is the key part of CO 2 laser cutting machine; It is relatively expensive and fails every two to three years. Unless the manufacturer has many machines, it may not want to keep one.


Manufacturers then have two options to minimize the risk of downtime from not carrying critical spare parts in their inventory. One is to ensure that its suppliers stock parts locally and deliver them immediately, ensuring uptime within required and agreed service levels. The second option is to implement measures to monitor parameters that can predict the failure of parts in a timely manner, so that orders can be made neither too early nor too late.


Take the remote monitoring system for example, which is not only used for laser cutting machine, but also for radio transmission station. This noninvasive remote monitoring system connected to the generator's output port reads parameters regularly, detects anomalies and predicts potential performance problems, enabling manufacturers to order parts in time to prevent downtime.Manufacturers should rely on their purchasing teams to determine whether service level agreements make sense and what key spare parts should be kept in stores.


Explore the available options. Teams purchasing laser tube cutters need to realize that new and low-cost designs can sometimes be better than OEM parts on machines 5 to 10 years old. The traditional idea is always to replace it with a component that is exactly the same as the original, but this may not be the best choice.For example, both the new low-absorption lens and the new bellows have improved performance characteristics and are designed for a longer range of use, often better than the old standard equipment components that used the original machine design ideas.


Develop guidelines for purchasing laser tube cutting machines. To ensure that purchasing departments make informed decisions and not only contribute to the growth of aftermarket business, manufacturers should develop purchasing guidelines. Final decisions should not be based solely on price.The guidelines should cover product quality, delivery speed, technical support and supplier reputation. It is also helpful to have someone with technical qualifications to oversee the purchase of complex parts.


Consider extending the warranty period of laser tube cutting machine. Preventive maintenance contracts and extended warranties are a common part of our daily lives. They provide reassurance to consumers and provide additional business to those who sell them.Some manufacturers may want this kind of insurance, especially those who question their own preventive maintenance efforts. Others may choose to invest in their own people and programs.




The methods mentioned in this article not only give you an idea of how to manage the maintenance of laser tube cutting machine, but also how to perform the service life of laser tube cutting machine equipment. If you are looking for a rugged, high quality and reasonably priced laser tube cutting machine, the EKS Laser company can provide you with the best products.


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