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What is the best material for laser tube cutting machine?

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People considering investing in laser tube cutters want to know more than just the efficiency and the return on investment. Also consider what materials laser tube cutting machine is suitable for cutting? What is the important thing to know before you buy a laser tube cutting machine?


What does the laser tube cutting machine do?


Metal forming and manufacturing related newcomers, laser tube cutting machine used for cutting; Trough; Cutting slots, holes, notches and any other features of pipes and pipes of imaginable size and shape. Cutting the most commonly used high quality materials in the manufacturing industry, low carbon steel, laser tube cutting machine can also be used to cut stainless steel, aluminum and titanium.


What are the advantages of laser tube cutting machine?


Reduce secondary operation of cutting pipe. Cutting a pipe with a physical blade usually leaves metal chips and defects at the cutting edges. These problems require additional cleaning and molding processes to prepare pipes for any purpose.However, when using laser tube cutters with splash protection, not only are the edges almost perfect, but slag from the cutting process can be collected and kept out of the cut tube. This eliminates the need for both processes.While traditional laser cutters can also create clean cuts, they are not designed to accommodate tubes, which means you have to cut a flat piece of metal and pass it through a drum or bender (depending on whether you want a round or square look). By using a tube cutter, you can cut the tube directly.


Stronger tube ends. In addition to producing a smoother cut, another advantage of using a laser tube cutter is that no mechanical force is applied to the cut. Typically, a CNC punch or other machine USES a physical force to break through the material being cut, stressing the surrounding material and weakening it slightly. Using a laser tube cutter helps ensure that the tube at the cutting point is stronger than with a physical cutting tool.


Diversity of cutting process. CNC machines can provide high control and precision for many tasks - and CNC controlled laser cutting is no exception. Laser tube cutting machine is not simply vertical cutting, but can use Angle cutting, groove, etching, bevel cutting and so on according to the equipment.While traditional laser tube cutters can accomplish many of these tasks, they are not optimized for cylindrical objects.Laser tube cutting machines can fill the niche. If your machining shop handles a large number of custom shapes or cut pipe requirements, using laser tube cutters can fill this niche well. Because these machines are optimized for this process, they can help increase the efficiency and yield of customized cutting pipes.


Low maintenance cutting. Physical cutters need frequent repairs and repairs because their tools wear out quickly. However, the laser tube cutting machine has little wear. In fact, if you use a solid-state laser tube cutter (which means using solid objects to focus the laser) instead of a gas-based laser cutter, you can make the laser tube cutter run for thousands of hours with almost no maintenance.Of course, the physical mechanism of the moving laser or workpiece still needs to be maintained regularly.


What is the future of laser tube cutting machine?


Broad industrial USES for laser cutting of metals are still in their infancy. Still, today's laser tube cutters are a huge leap forward from the lasers first introduced decades ago. In this short period of time, the changes in laser tube cutters - especially the improvements in simplified operations and programming and automation - have been extraordinary.The prospects for tubes and laser cutters in the tube industry seem safe, both in the short term - despite the slow economic growth - and in the long term.


"The current recession has not hit domestic pipe consumption as hard as in metal forming and other parts of manufacturing," Robinson said. In addition to the normal peaks and troughs of the economic cycle, the increasing use of tubing for hydraulic molding and the increased use of piece-welded slab indicates a great potential for long-term growth of tubing and tubing demand."Because of their versatility, laser pipe cutters are used in a variety of industries - basically every industry involving pipes and pipes."


What should be considered before buying laser tube cutting machine?


1. Make sure you can easily find replacement parts for the laser tube cutter you are buying.

2. If you are planning a future laser tube cutter, be sure to discuss any upgrade options with the manufacturer before moving.

3. Select machine size according to cutting and engraving requirements and workload. If you are going to carve on a larger material, choose a larger laser tube cutter.

4. Standard operating power for laser cutting and engraving machines using watts. Laser tube cutters that work at higher power will be more powerful and easier to cut deeper than lasers that work at lower power.


Laser tube cutting machine can cut many metal and non-metal materials perfectly, and has the advantages of low maintenance cost and high accuracy, but be sure to choose qualified laser tube cutting machine. If you are looking for a rugged, high quality and reasonably priced laser tube cutting machine, the EKS Laser can provide you with the best products.


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