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What makes the laser tube cutting machine an indispensable tool?

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As we all know, if a new processing technology wants to be recognized by the public and get rapid development, it must have the characteristics that traditional technology does not have. What are the advantages of laser tube cutting machine to make it stand out? What is the function of laser tube cutting machine? Why is a laser tube cutter so important?

Laser tube cutting machine function


Pipes and profiles are widely used -- from machine and equipment manufacturing to furniture. Among them, laser tube cutting machine opened up a new design possibility, so more and more design engineers pay attention to the advantages of laser cutting tube and profile, the demand has been significantly increased. Explore a wide range of laser tube cutting solutions and familiar with the fast laser cutting machine. Laser tube cutting machine is suitable for precision cutting of various kinds of metal sheet materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum and alloy, copper and alloy, titanium and alloy, nickel-molybdenum alloy, etc.

What are the advantages of laser tube cutting machine?

1. Precision. The potential for human error increases when everything has to be done manually - especially when the cutter lacks the skills and experience needed to do the job. Laser tube cutting machine not only eliminates human error; It allows you to avoid paying high prices for experienced workers.

2. Efficiency. Laser tube cutters provide turnkey components that can be assembled on the go. We can use tags and slots to laser cut parts so that you can bite them together and weld them without building fixtures and fixtures to hold them in place.

3. Excellence. The precision achieved by laser tube cutters goes beyond making cuts that meet printing requirements. Laser tube cutting tool can achieve clean cutting, no need to deburr.

4. Laser tube cutters have advantages over plasma cutters because the process is more accurate and USES less energy to cut steel and aluminum plates.

5. The precision level and edge quality of laser tube cutting machine are better than traditional cutting method because the laser beam will not wear during laser cutting. Laser tube cutters also allow us to cut complex shapes at speeds similar to or faster than other cutting methods without the need for machining.

6. Compared with traditional mechanical cutting technology, laser tube cutting machine technology has some advantages in reducing workpiece pollution.

7. Laser tube cutters also allow us to cut small diameter holes with complex details and good edge quality in plate, plate, tube or box sections.


What laser cutting machine is used for metal cutting?


Today, most industrial sheet metal laser cutting USES two types of laser cutting machines: CO 2 and fiber.


CO 2 laser cutting machine. The CO 2 laser (co2 laser) is produced in a gaseous mixture consisting mainly of co2 (CO 2), helium and nitrogen. The laser is electrically pumped using a discharge.CO 2 laser cutting machines are usually emitted at a wavelength of 10.6 microns. Those used in material processing can produce many kilowatts of power. The CO 2 laser cutting machine has a wall insert efficiency of about 10%, higher than most lamp pumped solid-state lasers (such as ND: YAG lasers) but lower than many diode pumped lasers.CO 2 laser cutting machine can cut thicker materials (>5mm) faster than same power fiber laser. It also produces a smoother surface finish when cutting thicker materials.


Fiber laser cutting machine. Fiber optic laser cutters are part of a family of so-called solid-state lasers. In a solid-state laser, the beam is produced by a solid medium. Fiber laser cutting machine, disc laser and Nd: YAG laser belong to the same category.

The optical fiber laser beam is produced by a series of laser diodes. The laser beam is then transmitted through an optical fiber, where it is amplified (similar to the conventional laser cavity in the CO 2 laser). An amplified beam leaving the optical fiber is collimated and then focused through a lens or concave surface onto the material to be cut. Fiber laser sources have the following advantages:


Unlike conventional CO 2 resonators, fiber optic laser sources do not have any moving parts (such as fans for gas circulation) or reflectors in the light generation source. This is a major advantage in reducing maintenance requirements and operating costs.Fiber optic laser cutting machines typically have two to three times the energy efficiency of CO 2 lasers of the same power.Fiber optic laser cutting machine can cut thin slice faster than the same power CO 2 laser. This is due to better absorption of fiber laser wavelengths at the cutting front.Fiber lasers can cut through reflective material without worrying about back reflection damaging the machine. This cuts the copper without a problem,


Laser tube cutting machine has great cutting ability, metal absorption is very good, which is why it is so outstanding in the metal processing industry. If you are looking for a rugged, high quality and reasonably priced laser tube cutting machine, the EKS Laser can provide you with the best products.






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